Putin DESTROYS Obama Brilliantly In These 10 BRUTAL Pics…

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Look, I’m no fan of Russia by any stretch of the imagination (well actually there are some beautiful Russian women) but I will say that I AM a fan of a strong leader- something we haven’t had here in America for close to 8 years. Obama is a weak, filthy scumbag who NEVER should have been elected in the first place.

Our country as well as the entire planet is in a complete state of chaos. Liberals elected an America hating, racist NWO Muslim as our president and we ended up getting completely screwed.

Here is a great comparison of PUTIN VS. OBAMA from our friends at The Peoples Cube


And there’s more.


The comparison between Obama and Putin is frankly embarrassing.


LMAO! This is so spot on it hurts!


Russian authorities are conducting massive civil defense training involving 40 million people nationwide.  The drills come as Russia and the U.S. cut off all bilateral cooperation with Russia inside Syria.

The nationwide training started Tuesday morning and is scheduled for 4 days and includes over 200,000 rescue personnel and over 50,000 vehicles.

“Our priority during the drill is to train evacuation of the civilian population from potentially-risky areas,”          ~ Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov Civil Defense Minister

These drills will train in coordination between federal, regional and local authorities, feasibility of contingency plans for emergencies, the state of civil defense infrastructure like shelters and emergency supply stockpiles, and other aspects of the system.

These drills not only train and educate the public but the Emergency Response personal that would be in charge of triage and chaos after a nuclear strike in Russia.

These types of training events are critical for the civilians and those who risk their lives to save them.  These types of drills happen in the U.S. but on a very tiny scale compared to Russia.

When I was a civilian EMT I/D, I participated on multiple occasions with local hospitals, in terror strike triage as well as nuclear strike triage, a total of 100 people would be at the training event.

Russia has been conducting these drills since 2012 and they hold them annually, sometimes the drills have as many as 60 million people participating.

It is extremely promising to see a government care so much about their people, that they hold nationwide training for catastrophic events.  In these times when mainstream propaganda would have the sheep believe that Russia is our enemy, Russia continues to prove that they care about their people and that the U.S. government is out of control.

The US is planning to use military force inside Syria and they know it will involve attacks upon Russian forces inside Syria but they’re doing it regardless.

Russia warned over the weekend that the US would face “terrible, tectonic” consequences if it took military action against the Syrian regime.

Vladimir Putin ended a 16-year-old agreement on Monday morning, for the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium to curb the production of more nuclear bombs.

All of this is because the Obama administration accuses Russia of siding with Syrian Air Force and striking civilians in Aleppo.  There is a huge problem with this claim.

The mainstream media reports to the American public, exactly what they are told to and what the American government wants the public to know.    It is not tin foil hat, when its proven fact, so sit back down and continue reading.

The truth of happened in these strikes is this, American forces and their various allies killed civilians in Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. Bloodied children’s bodies were pulled like lifeless rag dolls from rubble in Yemen after US-supported Saudi air strikes continued their week-after-week slaughter of civilians there.

No coverage of these crimes in Western media. No emotive denunciations from UN officials. No calls for sanctions, prosecutions or editorial condemnations of Washington and its allies as “outlaw states”.

Mainstream media then reported on the baby girl pulled from the rubble and the anchor woman who cried while broadcasting.

It should come as no surprise that Russia is holding nuclear drills, Vladimir Putin has warned the American public about our mainstream propaganda and how the U.S. is hell bent on WWIII.

The American public should be following the war in Syria and the tensions between Russia and the USA.  We have been diligent in our research and intel that we provide, the truth is what matters because the truth is, WWIII is on our doorstep and Obama and his clowns are to blame.




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God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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