BREAKING: Putin Just Passed HISTORIC Law That Bans THIS, Obama is FURIOUS…




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The Russian Bear strikes a might blow against Islam and all Muslims in Russia, with a single swift move!

Vladimir Putin signed a measure that restricts freedom of religion in Russia on Monday the 10th.  The legislation goes into effect July 20th and he made it clear that it was a direct strike against Islam terrorism.


To put it simply, it is no longer legal to teach/preach in the streets, in homes, online or in the media, the ONLY place it is now legal to practice your faith is in a Government approved Church. This new law against terrorism is the most restrictive in post-soviet war history.

Putin has been one of the few world leaders that has been extremely vocal in what needs to be done to fight the war on terror and holding Islam accountable for preaching and educating hate and murder.

Of course the bleeding heart human activists and human rights attorneys are already preparing to fight this in court and attempt to get this overthrown.  Citing that clergymen are unsure how they can fulfill these new laws obligations. Protests have already started and are expected to continue.

Vladimir Ryakhovsky of the Slavic Centre for Law and Justice stated that, “Today is indeed a black day on the calendar, Hope was that Vladimir Putin would not in the end sign this law. A law which openly contradicts the gospel command ‘go and make disciples’ and, in addition, violates the constitutional rights of citizens.”

The penalties for breaking this law are 50,000 rubles for private citizens and up to a million rubles for organizations.   That is equivalent to $780.00 U.S. Dollars per individual and $15,600.  U.S. Dollars for organizations.


I do believe it is a very slippery slope to restrict freedom of religion upon the people and that we should all have the inalienable right to worship whom and whichever religion we choose fit.   That being said, Islam is NOT a religion and regardless of how mainstream media spins and lies, it never will be.

Islam is an ideology, a cult that spew’s hate, murder, rape, pedophilia, marriage to children and   removing the heads from infidels.  (non-believers) The world over Islam has been starting wars with nations and the people that live in those nations.

The liberal mindset is that Islam and Sharia law are a religion and therefore are protected in the United States of America.   Because of this horrific stupidity we are now seeing the rise in violence and hate, murder and chaos.   Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers and the rest of the black political driven hate groups, are converted Muslims in Islam. Obama has direct ties and has admitted he stands with Islam and Sharia Law.

People cannot have it both ways and Putin made a clear statement against Islam and terrorism in Russia, regardless of what the liberals believe, this will have a direct effect on Islam in Russia. So long as the people want to defend Islam and proclaim it a religion, then religious laws will have to be enforced.

God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

He is currently a Warfighter Up DJ on The Warfighter Radio Network




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