PUTIN IS PISSED OFF! Look What Just LEAKED About His TOP General



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Fact Check: Confirmed


For roughly one week now Putin has hid from the world some extremely grave news about one of his top generals.   

In what has become known as the Palmyra Offensive of 2017, Syria forces have managed to take back large swathes of territory with the help of their Russian counterparts.  

The success, however, came at a high cost.  


The leader of the operation, Major General Petr Milyukhin suffered injuries that are currently threatening his continued existence.  Milyukhin lost both of his legs and his eye when a deadly roadside bomb exploded.  His life currently hangs in the balance.

Questions remain about why Vladmir Putin decided to cover up the horrible incident.  

While Russian forces sustained 4 casualties, the offensive was incredibly successful.  

1000 enemy combatants were permanently removed from this world, over 1000 kilometers of territory were recovered for the beleaguered Syrian regime, and the entire push only took one and a half months.

Still, sources known to be linked to Russia have begun commenting on the situation with tentative reports:

Russian Maj. Gen. Pyotr Milyukhin has been placed in the resuscitation department of the country’s Main Military Clinical Hospital in Moscow. The officer was wounded during the operation to retake the Syrian city of Palmyra from Daesh jihadists.  Milyukhin was wounded a week ago. The hospital refused to disclose any details but specified that the officer is being treated “in the 56th department”.

Site Of The IED

Today has been quite a day for Russian-related news. But it certainly isn’t the type of news that will make Schumer feel warm and fuzzy.  

Unfortunately for Democrats, the United States under President Trump has managed to finally build a bridge between NATO forces and the Russian regime.   

Despite reports that a worthless foreign warmonger from Britain is trying to further the stress to the Russo-American relationship AFF Media is pleased to support some very good news: Russia’s top military commander talked with the current Chairman of NATO.  The call is a sign of warming ties despite other less important member’s concerns.  

Furthermore, Russia has invited representatives of NATO to travel to Moscow for meetings on how both forces can coordinate with each other.

If Britain wants to let their generals make dangerous and vicious comments about our election in order to provoke a war, perhaps we need to explain to them their place.  The Sun indeed sets in the British Empire these days, they should keep to their island lest they need a reminder of what disrupting American life leads to.

Britain’s High Command Be Damned!
America Leads The Way — And America Has Chosen Peace With Russia!

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