BREAKING: Everyone Is Questioning Nancy Pelosi’s Health After Latest Statement… Is She DEMENTED?


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is one of the strangest people serving in Congress, participating in so many odd behaviors that it’s beginning to make people wonder if the elevator goes all the way to the top floor, if you catch the reference.

The latest weirdness that’s rolled out of her seemingly warped mind has to do with fresh comments she’s made about President Trump.


Now, it’s no secret this woman hates the president with the scorching heat of a thousand suns. Her constant talk of impeachment and various other barbs tossed his direction over the last year or so has made that crystal clear.

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However, Pelosi recently published a profile of President Trump, which basically amounted to nothing more than a pile of criticism, evaluating his first few months in office by stating he “lacks knowledge” for the job to such a severe degree it was like asking someone without a medical degree “to perform brain surgery.”


A rich comment coming from someone like her, right?

Fox News has the details:


“The bigger problem, the thing people need to understand, is that he was utterly unprepared for this,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a New York Times story published this weekend about Trump’s daily routine. “It would be like you or me going into a room and being asked to perform brain surgery. When you have a lack of knowledge as great as his, it can be bewildering.”

Pelosi, who has had an on-and-off political relationship with Trump, also suggested that perhaps even Trump at first couldn’t reconcile how a first-time candidate upset a political veteran like Democrat Hillary Clinton to become president, but that he has since found some footing.

“At first, there was a thread of being an impostor that may have been in his mind,” she said. “He’s overcome that by now.”

After being at the front of Democrats’ largely anti-Trump message during the 2016 elections that was largely unsuccessful for her party, Pelosi has met with Trump a couple of times to try to forge some bipartisan legislative deals.

Again, Pelosi has made it her life’s mission to come after Trump any chance she gets, a goal that she’s been working more diligently on than anything she’s likely put her mind to in decades.

Say what you will about Trump, but he’s certainly good at mobilizing people, isn’t he? Even when they aren’t on his team.

President Trump has managed to accomplish a few critical things during his first year in office, with the evidence demonstrating his effectiveness coming in the form of an increased, boosted economy, a decrease in government regulations, the recognizing of Israel’s capital to be Jerusalem and more.

While not every promise has yet been fulfilled, he’s certainly gotten more done than Obama did in almost a decade in the office, so the proof of his competence to do the job is has been well established.

Perhaps Pelosi is just getting too dang old to stay in office. It’s well past due for her to ride off into the sunset and retire. We can only hope she decides to call it quits sometime soon so we can be spared further comments drenched in her own unique brand of stupid.



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