RACISM In America Is At An All-Time High Thanks To Obama… (Video)

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Let me start off by saying I have never owned or flown a Confederate flag at my home and outside of a T-shirt with the flag along side a pit bull on it, I have never worn it as an article of clothing. Many in my family as well as friends own and fly the flag, but at no time have I ever heard them refer to the flag as anything other than a symbol of freedom and rebellion, never has anything referring to race come up in conversation.

Let’s be honest, if the Charleston shooting would have started riots the flag would have never been mentioned, wake up people! That flag has flown over many state capitol for 50+ years and now because of one isolated incident it suddenly offends people because the punk that did the shooting had the flag in a photo.

In the past few years I have seen this race baiting administration pit good people against one another and set race relations in America back to its worst point since the civil rights movement and frankly I am one fed up American! Even in the small town I live in, when I pass a person of a different color it’s an almost a cold look at times and their kids try to avoid getting too close. I have never been a racist, so things such as this really bothers me and makes me worry for the future of our once great country.

Let’s just say we allow the attack on the flag to go and we ban it, we will now have a list of demands of our own.

  • Black history month be removed and no longer recognized by our government in return for all the white people wo have died needlessly at the hands of blacks.
  • All mosques be removed from America for the killing of whites, Christians and 9/11.
  • Cinco De Mayo no longer be recognized by our government in return for all the rapes and murders committed by Mexican people on American soil.

Sound ridiculous? Well that’s how we as a “free” people feel when we are looked upon as racists because we choose to fly a flag that people want to label as a sign of oppression. The double standard society that we live in today must change or we will never see peace.

When are people going to see that no matter how many times they say that it can not be about race any longer, but as long as we have ignorance pushing the agenda, it will always be about race? You continually have people making accusations of others being racist, in most cases the person they are accusing, they do not know. Simply put, as long as you keep insisting that a flag that stands for freedom is racist, it will always be about just that. ~Blaze III% 

I’ll leave y’all with a little Lynyrd Skynyrd! Enjoy and God Bless.



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