‘Raise The Wage’ Crowd DEVASTATED At MASSIVE Announcement McDonald’s Just Made


The fight for higher minimum wage seems to be gaining momentum despite plenty of evidence that arbitrarily increasing wages has a horrible effect on those it’s intended to help. Such evidence comes from a Missouri McDonald’s, where a massive announcement is devastating to those holding low-skill, entry level positions.

The Mound City location, owned by Chris Habiger, is going to be serving bottomless fries to their menu, which is sure to make fans of the fast-food joint ecstatic. However, an endless order of fries isn’t going to be the only addition to Habiger’s establishment, and it spells trouble for the employees making minimum wage, Western Journalism reported.

You see, while traditionally it would be a smiling(?) face asking “do you want fries with that?” at Habiger’s McDonald’s, that person is going to be replaced with a self-ordering kiosk that doesn’t require an hourly wage, healthcare benefits, or retirement, and won’t run the risk of filing a lawsuit over anything at all, really.

Aside from being efficient, the kiosks will offer fast-food restaurants a competitive advantage by lowering operating costs while increasing quality of service, according to Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Pudzer. He said that exploring “employee-free” restaurants is directly linked to the higher minimum wages being forced upon businesses by state and local governments – with New York and California leading the charge among the states by implanting a $15 per hour minimum wage, which is nearly double the federal.

“With government driving up the cost of labor, it’s driving down the number of jobs,” Pudzer said. “This is the problem with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and progressives who push very hard to raise the minimum wage. Does it really help if Sally makes $3 more an hour if Suzie has no job?”

According to Pudzer, he looked into the Eatsa restaurant chain – a fully automated eatery – for inspiration for his establishments. There, people place their order on an iPad, then swipe their debit or credit card through a reader to pay for it, which eliminates the need for a minimum wage-earning cashier, and saves thousands of dollars annually.

Those pushing for artificially increasing minimum wage aren’t looking at the long-term impacts of their demands. The Illinois Policy Institute had an interesting write-up about minimum wage and how raising it disproportionately affects young and minority workers – the very people the social justice warriors think they’re helping.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

California and New York are the next two states that could see a loss in low-wage jobs, with both states recently passing statewide minimum-wage laws. California’s minimum wage will increase to $15 over the next six years, while New York’s will increase to $15 by 2018. While this will mean that some workers will see an increase in their wages, many will lose their jobs altogether. California Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed his state’s minimum-wage hike into law April 4, admitted, “Economically, minimum wages may not make sense.” Yet Brown still caved to those pushing a policy that will cut young and inexperienced workers from his state’s workforce.

Young, inexperienced workers who rely on finding minimum-wage jobs are already having a hard time. In Chicago, approximately 1 in 10 black teenagers ages 16 to 19 are employed, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, reported in new research from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Great Cities Institute. And the employment rate for Chicago Latinos ages 16 to 19 has plummeted by 42 percent since 2005 – with only 15 percent employed in 2014.

The trend carries over nationwide. In 2015, 16.9 percent of those ages 16 to 19 nationally were unemployed, compared with just 5.3 percent of all ages. This particularly hurts minority communities, with 28.4 percent of blacks ages 16 to 19 unemployed, versus 9.6 percent of black workers overall. And those numbers would get worse with a national increase in the minimum wage. A 2014 report from the Congressional Budget Office estimated that, if implemented then, between 500,000 and 1,000,000 workers would lose their jobs by 2016 as a direct result of a federal minimum-wage increase to $10.10.

You know, I wonder how many times the people pushing for higher minimum wage have to hear and see the same exact things before they actually get it.

Seriously. How many times?

What’s it going to take for them to realize that this is borderline employment suicide for those it affects the most – businesses are NOT going to willingly pay more for low-skill, entry-level positions, regardless of what legislation is in place.

So now what’s going to happen is more young people and low-skill workers are going to be unemployed, which means they won’t be able to help contribute to their households, which means that applications for public assistance will increase, which means that more money is going to be spent on welfare, which means that taxes are going to go up, and all of it pushes us closer to an eventual collapse.

Unfortunately, the ideas of the left are quite simply unsustainable. And you know who gets to foot the bill for all of these unsustainable ideas?

You and I – the people who work our asses off to try to get ahead. Just as we always have.


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