Rand Paul’s Brutal Message After Tennessee Terrorist Attack… “Restrict Immigration From All Muslim Countries”



I’m not crazy about many of Rand’s ideas but I have to give him credit for this, it’s a really good one. As we have stated many times in the past at America’s Freedom Fighters though, it’s crunch time for the 2016 elections and we should look past the surface of knee jerk reaction statements made on the campaign trail and search for the truth.

2016 GOP presidential candidate, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that he wants to restrict immigration from predominantly Muslim countries after the Chattanooga, Tennessee, terrorist attack.

Paul said in an interview backstage at a rally his presidential campaign is holding inside the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston. ” I’m very concerned about immigration to this country from countries that have hotbeds of jihadism and hotbeds of this Islamism. There was a program in place that Bush had put in place—it stood for entry-exit program from about 25 different countries with a lot of Islamic radicals, frankly. I think there does need to be heightened scrutiny. Nobody has a right to come to America, so this isn’t something that we can say ‘oh their rights are being violated.’ It’s a privilege to come to America and we need to thoroughly screen those who are coming.

Paul added that he’s planning to, via his position in the U.S. Senate, investigate Muslim immigration problems. Paul is the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee on Federal Spending Oversight and Emergency Management and is also a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“I’m going to have our subcommittee and maybe committee in Homeland Security look into whether or not we could reinstitute this NSEERS [National Security Entry Exit Registration System] program—it was entry-exit program that was heightened scrutiny for 25 predominantly Muslim countries that have significant jihadist movements and anti-American sentiment in their country,” Paul said. “We need increased scrutiny on those countries before those people come to our country to visit or permanently. We have to have heightened scrutiny.”

I agree that it’s a no brainer. It’s a sad state of affairs when a politician is congratulated for stating something that is already obvious to everyone else. Rand: “I don’t think we’re being careful enough with who we let in.”

Yet he’s gung-ho for granting legal work status to all illegals currently residing in America?

Is this just a ploy to play to the voters from this man concerning immigration?

But just a few months back Paul told The Washington Times– “I would normalize the status of the 11 million undocumented citizens so they can join the workforce and pay taxes. I would normalize them at a rate of about 2 million per year. I would start with Dream Act kids, children brought here illegally as minors. I would be willing to forego the fines and back taxes. No undocumented immigrants are being sent home and no one is seriously advocating rounding up and sending home 11 million people. Immigration reform begins the process of bringing these folks out of the shadows.”

Notice how he called them “Undocumented Citizens?” That sounds like a page from the Obama school of immigration to me. Is that really what we need moving past 2016? In my opinion the real threat to the American way of life is the constant barrage of illegal immigrants coming across our southern border. To have another POTUS that is not willing to round up and deport is unacceptable and would be yet another disaster for all Americans.

You need to implement strict screening protocols for ALL countries. At which point I’m just as interested in pulling the few good people stuck in the terrorist countries out of their hellholes. There can be no compromise- we must secure our borders and put Americans first for a change.




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