BREAKING NEWS About Racist Rapper Jay Z… He Wants This Video BURIED!!!


Rapper Jay Z was recently critical of President Trump and his policies, but as the saying goes, you shouldn’t pick the splinter out of someone else’s eye until you pull the log from your own.

The log in this case is in Jay Z’s eye, and it’s a big one. Video footage from awhile back has resurfaced and it doesn’t show the music mogul in the best of light.

In fact, it shows him doing the worst thing he could possibly do besides kill someone – punch an underage female fan square in the face.


The original video was removed but i found this:

Yeah, that wasn’t too bright, now was it? Then again, coming from a man who raps about selling drugs, f-n h*es, and every other disgusting thing you could imagine, I guess this is something we’d expect from him.


Your News Wire has more on the “artist”:

The shocking footage is the just the latest in a long line of scandals surrounding Jay-Z, a known Satanist who promotes the Luciferian ideology of the New World Order.

At age 12, Jay-Z shot his brother in the shoulder for stealing his ring. Speaking about the incident to ABC 7, the world-renowned rapper and producer, who belonged to a gang, said that he thought he would “go to jail forever”.

But he didn’t go to jail, and his antics got worse. He has rapped about selling crack to his mother, but has lately started claiming it was “other mothers.”

Jay-Z also got three years probation for stabbing record executive Lance “Un” Rivera at a party in 1999.

The far left rapper, who has plans to run for president in 2020, hit the headlines after calling President Trump a “superbug” on CNN this week, and then went on to explain how black people don’t care about his economic success because, “It’s not about money at the end of the day.

Oh yeah, this guy is a real gem.

Good luck in 2020, Jay.

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