Rapper Lil Wayne Stomps On The American Flag [Video]



So rapper Lil Wayne has announced he “unintentionally” walked on an American flag while shooting a video, I think he is still in the wrong! He may not be intentionally stomping on the flag, however walking on it after realizing it was under his feet, and continuing to do so, has a lot to say about his character.

Let us also take into consideration the wealth this man has amassed during his career from Americans in a lot of cases who lay their life down to ensure he still is free to make millions from the people of our great nation. Well I have a message for you sir, Lil’ Wayne, you may have just lost half of your income.


Too often I hear people say that stomping on the American flag is freedom of speech or expression. This isn’t about freedom of speech, this is about disrespecting this country because that flag is a symbol for this country, you disrespect it then you disrespect the country. I dare you to go to ANY other country and stomp around on their flag! One of two things will happen to you, you’ll either be thrown in prison for a long time or you will be executed on the spot. There’s a fine line between being disrespectful and freedom of speech, this is being disrespectful, especially to the men and women who would protect these POS with their lives.

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I call to all Americans to boycott this man and show him the mistake he’s made but here’s the video, you can decide for yourself.


YouTube video via Clevver Music


And here’s the actual ‘music’ video…

YouTube video via LilWayneVEVO

Now, we know that this is close to 2 years old, however it is very relevant today. What is wrong with these people? 


 God Bless.


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  1. Alice Nogay says:

    He sure as shit did it on purpose to gain media attention, why else would those people release it? If you watch the video you will see a Man holding his fist just like those flag stompers do in their protest against the flag. Hidden scenario, what he really wanted in the video but was afraid of the backlash.

  2. This guy aint nothin but a scum bag thug

  3. Y’all do realize this was almost 2 years ago right? Long before the stomp on the flag b.s started. I’m not defending what he did because this is what made me stop listening to him. I used to listen to him until this happened now I have no respect for him. Just want to inform you that this is old and didn’t happen recently.

  4. MZAZ86442i says:

    This was a couple of years ago BUT, blood was shed so this IDIOT could have the freedom to be disrespectful to our flag.

    • Steven Haffley says:

      And you’re falling for it by coming on here and commenting, they posted this to make money off of it. Don’t you see how many ads are on it? Come on people open your eyes, this site isn’t run by patriots, it’s run by a corporation posing as patriots to drive in a profit.

  5. Nicholas Smith says:

    boycott this asshole!

  6. Mike Roten says:

    no problem boycotting his sorry ass never liked his so called music anyhow

  7. Ahkeyah Israel says:

    See my people, these Heathens care more about someone stomping on a flag than someone’s spine getting severed or someone being shot 137 times. Wake up people, time to come back to our Power so that He can take our Enemies down.

    • Somebody got shot 137 times? Wow, who was that unlucky S.O.B.?

    • Jan Grufty Grufty says:

      umm thats not what happened…a rapist and a violent burglar led the police on a 22 mile chase and it took 137 bullets to stop them…Her “people” didnt like the decision that the one cop that got idicted was found not guilty and are now protesting in cleveland for a dead rapist and a dead burglar…

  8. frontyardpond says:

    sad, but still an old story. if he said he is sorry then let it go.

  9. Tanya Reyes says:

    I dont care its just a material object has no healing aspects of it and on top of that it represents the murders of many nations

    • Michael Morbid says:

      Your a IDIOT I poersonally take offence to your comment considering I had family who DIED for this flag which represent YOUR FREEDOM if you live in this country. So all I gotta say is AMERICA, LOVE IT or LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Steven Haffley says:

        Michael, do not be fulled by this site. Do you not see how many ads are on it? Why are they posting this story now that happened 2 years ago, because they are making money off of you. I suggest you google “illwriteit team” and learn about the people that risked their lives to defend the flag, instead of visiting this imposter site that profits off of flag desecration.

  10. So it’s a problem to walk and stomp on the flag but not to walk and stomp on people? Disrespecting our country? But it’s alright to disrespect our people?

  11. Tell_it_like_I_See_It says:

    Slow news day to hash up shit that happened a few years back?

  12. boblo1957 says:

    Guess the JERK who “ACCIDENTALLY” dropped the AMERICAN FLAG did so because he was bitten in the asshole by a flying COCK MONSTER and caught off guard with no KY jelly! And who is this little Kum guy singer?

  13. Pete Peterson says:

    The Flag has no meaning for Blacks, it is just another propaganda tool. I never allowed my children to say “I pledge my allegiance”, nor “Land of the free”. This is just crap used to control, we all know it has no true value.

  14. Michael Morbid says:


    18 U.S. Code § 700 – Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties


    Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces,
    physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples
    upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or
    imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

    This subsection does not prohibit any conduct consisting of the disposal of a flag when it has become worn or soiled.

    As used in this section, the term “flag of
    the United States” means any flag of the United States, or any part
    thereof, made of any substance, of any size, in a form that is commonly

    Nothing in this section shall be construed
    as indicating an intent on the part of Congress to deprive any State,
    territory, possession, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico of
    jurisdiction over any offense over which it would have jurisdiction in
    the absence of this section.


    An appeal may be taken directly to the
    Supreme Court of the United States from any interlocutory or final
    judgment, decree, or order issued by a United States district court
    ruling upon the constitutionality of subsection (a).

    The Supreme Court shall, if it has not
    previously ruled on the question, accept jurisdiction over the appeal
    and advance on the docket and expedite to the greatest extent possible.

  15. ….. Typical Ghetto Behavior.

  16. David Worley says:

    Great role model for the Thousands of lil Gangbanger bastards that copy-cat the #1 Disrespect filled Lil Wayne…Wayne instills a High Character Image to young followers so they will become something other than a corpse on a cold Slab.. #Sarcasm out the ass…

  17. Steven Haffley says:

    This happened years ago you “patriots”. The only reason you’re posting this story now is because of the Eric Sheppard Challenge, you’re trying to make money off of it, just look at your site jam packed with ads that pop up all over the place. The real patriots of this country are called the illwriteit team, the ones who have to go into hiding because they stopped the eric sheppard challenge while you conservative patriots looked to make a profit off of it. F*** you.

    It’s time to call you scum out for what you’re really doing here. Compare the illwrite it site that has 0 ads to your POS site that has one hundred on the same page, go to hell and stop profiting off of people stepping on a flag you bottom feeding a**holes.

  18. Steven Haffley says:

    America’s freedom fighters? Why don’t you call it what this site really is, Profiting off of the ericsheppardchallengers because that’s what you’re doing. It’s time to call you bottom feeders out that call yourselves patriots while jamming your site full of ads to make a revenue off of it, you are the scum of America.

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