Rapper Takes Headshot From AK-47… Here’s The INSANE Thing He Did Minutes Later


Here’s one way to get some notoriety, especially if you want to be a ‘rap star.’ A gangsta. Get shot in the head and then take a selfie and post it on Facebook! Lol, you can’t make this stuff up!

Not too many people can survive a gunshot wound, especially one to the head. But that’s exactly what happened to Compton rapper Teriq Royal. Minutes after taking three bullet fragments to the head from an AK-47, he broke out his cell phone and took pictures and posted them online. If it were me, I would have called 911 and gone to the hospital. But that’s just me I guess.

The rapper, who goes by Mr. Royal, says he was “pretty chilled.” Frankly, I’m not entirely sure what he means by that. Maybe he was cold.


“Yes me and the homies got shot at couple days ago AK47 bullet flew past my head and I was hit with the bullet fragments , 3 frags stuck in my forehead for life . They stopped right on my skull before they could enter my brain …

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I should’ve died that night but I felt God move me back just enough for the bullet to miss. Take this life shit serious ! I was almost on a T-shirt I’m just blessed enough to be here for a reason, can’t nobody stop Gods plans.”


“We living in some dark days, we wasn’t even his targets, he was just trigger happy. I was in shock when I filmed this, 3 bullet fragments on my skull, could have pierced my brain. I’m just blessed to see another day and rap about it.”

For those of you who may not be familiar with what “rapping” is let me explain. People, primarily blacks will take a drum beat, some bass guitar or synthesizers (electronic keyboards/computers), maybe steal some classic music from Aerosmith or Motown stuff and then ‘TALK’ over the ‘music.’ Usually, it is negative topics but not always. Being a classically trained pianist, as well as an accomplished guitarist, drummer and song writer I have personally never really cared for rap. There are a few exceptions but even then, I can only stomach so much of it until I have to turn it off lol!


Anyways, Mr. Royal (lol) did get himself to a hospital, and is now doing fine.

God let me walk away from an AK47 dumpin rounds at me and my bros ?????? I just want yall to know GOD IS REAL AND GOD LOVES YOU ! ✊✨?we living in some dark days , we wasn’t even his targets , he was just trigger happy.(I was in shock when I filmed this , 3 bullet fragments on my skull ? could have pierced my brain… I’m just blessed to see another day and RAP ABOUT IT ?? ) #BushGang #GoneDieSomeKings

Posted by Teriq Royal on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

So, we will see if this incident helps out this brothers career. My advice to this young man is to stay away from gang-bangers armed with AK-47’s. Just a thought.

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)


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