Left Extremist Rashida Tlaib Calls For MAJOR Defunding Of ICE, CBP & DHS!


The left seems to be losing their minds as they escalate the “defunding police” movement into now going after federal agencies that are supposed to protect our nations borders and provide national security.

It is clear that states need to use their own agencies because the federal agencies have all been handcuffed on what they can do to protect the borders, detain illegals as well as provide national security.


Breitbart reports that Radical Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI) on Tuesday, during a conversation with Julie Mao from Just Futures Law on digital walls, borders, and deportations, said the United States needs to stop funding the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


Tlaib, answering a question, said, “[The United States] must eliminate funding for our CBP, ICE, and their parent organization DHS.”

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She continued, “time after time, we have seen it as advocates on the ground, as human services agents on the ground, to continue to see over and over again to see that these agencies are inept.”


Yeah? They are doing their job and scumbags like you should move to Iran- we don’t want trash like you in our country.


She then added government organizations are supposed to be “humanely guiding migrants through our immigration system and further continue. Instead, they further continue to terrorize migrant communities located within our communities.”

Just when you think the left extremists cannot get any more idiotic with their radical agendas, Tlaib takes it up a notch and uses rhetoric in a pathetic attempt to convince people we do not need borders and law enforcement at all.

This is why when we have these radicals in office, we need to REMOVE them from office!  Shutting down law enforcement and turning our nation into a 3rd world nation is ridiculous.

Breitbart continued: 

Recently, reports showed the Appropriations Committee in the radical Democrat-controlled House of Representatives released their funding bill for the DHS for the fiscal year 2022. It notably decreased the funding for the “border controls and interior immigration enforcement, including stripping funding from border wall construction.”

Additionally, they reduced CBP funding by almost $930 million and $1.5 million for ICE, compared to the previous year. More so, the “budget rescinds the previously appropriated $2.06 billion for border wall construction and provides no funding for additional U.S. Border Patrol agents,” according to reports.

The report continued:

It also allows up to $100 million that was previously designated to build a border wall to instead go to the Department of Interior.

Meanwhile, the budget shifts funds of $132 million for “new technology” along the border, a longtime talking point of Democrats and establishment Republicans who argue that a virtual wall is more feasible than physical barriers that stop or deter border crossers.

For ICE, the budget provides $332 million less towards the agency’s Civil Immigration Enforcement Operations while spending $475 million to expand alternatives to detention for illegal aliens that more easily allows detainees to be released into the U.S. interior.

“The budget prevents ICE agents from deporting an illegal alien who applies to sponsor an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) and illegal aliens whose only criminal history is possession of marijuana,” the report explained.

It is beyond baffling how anyone who actually loves living in The United States, also would want to destroy our nation and allow a national crisis turn into another cesspool of illegal aliens.

We are supposed to have a system of checks and balances, the right way to come into America and the illegal way.  Breaking the law is not supposed to be rewarded with free money, free health care, free housing and more rights than actual red-blooded Americans!

If we no longer have a justice system that is free of corruption, then we have no laws at all.  As fun as that sounds, it would be a damn nightmare where a nation is disarmed and criminals would openly go after whatever they desired.  Oh wait, we are already living through nightmare!

We currently live in a nation where the politicians pick and choose which laws apply to citizens and illegals all based on a persons skin color and not whether a person committed a crime or not.

This begs the question, why are the American people allowing a Marxist extremist government to destroy our nation from within?


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