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The recently terminated Acting Attorney General Sally Yates had a personal feud with Senator Jeff Sessions and her motivations for blocking the travel ban are believed to be that of petty revenge.  

During her Senate Confirmation, Jeff Sessions pleaded with his colleagues to refuse her appointment citing her involvement in protecting the Obama Administration during their involvement.  During his speech, Sessions criticized the unethical behavior of Sally Yates during her defense of Obama’s Illegal Immigrant DACA policy — which Sessions implies was incredibly dishonest.  The “government [represented by Sally Yates’ subordinates] created confusion,” Sessions read to the Senate chamber.  While Sessions did not go so far as to claim Yates orchestrated the litigated sleight of hand, he did make it very clear that she took no disciplinary action in response to it. The confirmation hearing took place on May 13th, 2015.

It seems that Sessions knew that Yates was potentially corrupt. Why didn’t his colleagues listen to his warning?


You can listen to Senator Sessions statement on that matter here. His comments begin around the 2 hour and 23 minute mark.

It’s no secret that Democrats have been trying to thwart Trump’s effort to secure Senator Jeff Sessions his position as Attorney General.  What is shocking though, is the lengths to which they are willing to go to disrupt the administration.  It now seems that Democrats mad a miscalculation.  Due to Yates having the clearance to sign off on foreign surveillance, they must have assumed that Trump would not risk terminating her until he has Sessions on lock. Big mistake.

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The US Does Not Benefit From ANY Continued Immigration. Here’s why:

The problem with the Progressive is the same problem as that of the Astrologer — they have a vision they want to see solidified so they connect dots where there isn’t any real causation to be found. Astrologers do this with the stars. Progressives do this with statistics and feelings. If you can sell a liberal on the end game — nothing in between will matter. They will pejoratively refer to conservatives as “reactionary” for the rest of their lives, blissfully and shamefully ignorant to the world around them.

Though they don’t use this word as I am about to use it, conservatives are indeed far more reactionary — and in my interpretation, that is a good thing. Because to be a progressive, one must maintain a willful ignorance about the dynamic between the nature of man and the world around him. To notice would require reaction and any reaction would stymie “progress.”

Conservatives make no qualms about calling out man’s inner nature. Despite all our failings at recognizing evolution in the past, it’s hard to argue that we don’t have a more keen understanding of man’s primal nature. The nature that caused us to eradicate all other proto-humans in our conquest of the Earth. In terms of evolution, there is very little difference between us and the ancestor that bashed in the head of a Neanderthal. Liberals are convinced that pretending the world is a Utopia outside of the US and that evil conservatives are to blame for all the problems on our planet.

They’ll tell you that while they swing a club at your head, dressed in full black, before disappearing into their AntiFascist mob. Liberals are so unable to react to the reality and stimuli around them that they praise their masked cohorts for beating “fascists.” The praise is done openly. I often am troubled by why the beatings are not then.

But liberals are wrong about everything and they decided they were right before bothering to learn anything. So let’s dive into immigration.

The US doesn’t need any immigration — legal or illegal.

That’s right. In fact, if you believe that the ongoing sustainability of the US economy is reliant on an endless trickle of migrants (alongside an endless trickle of controlled inflation) you are just playing a very elaborate pyramid scheme and have no idea what you’re really talking about.

This isn’t to say there is some easy solution to the economic obstacles that face us down the road. This piece only seeks to point out that liberals aren’t even addressing a problem.

Globalists Are The Sole Beneficiaries of Immigration

Immigration does benefit a certain subset of the American populace: chiefly principal investors and mega rich Americans.

Wouldn’t it be nice as an employer if you could convince half the country to continually compete with new waves of immigrants, with each subsequent wave being accustomed to lower living standards and settling on lower expectations?

Think of how much labor costs could plummet! Think of the output increases! Ah, and all the better if for the globalist if he can convince liberals that this was actually beneficial to them in the long run. It also helps that NeoConservatives from the Democratic party joined the conservative coalition and convinced the baby-boomers that they needed this if they ever hoped to see Social Security payments.

It really is amazing.

Liberals have been convinced that everyone in this country that is negatively impacted can just retrain. It helps that liberals love working in unionized or civil service jobs that safely insulate them from the harsh realities of market movements.


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