RED ALERT: Muslims Take Over Government In U.S. City For First Time In America’s History…


Thanks to BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA we officially have MUSLIMS in charge of an AMERICAN city. You heard that right- Muslims will now be running the city of Hamtramck, Michigan. This is the first time that Muslims will have complete control of a city here in our United States.

We have Obama and liberals to thank for this. If this type of thing doesn’t get nipped at the bud America WILL be forever ruined and Americans will live under Sharia law. Plain and simple.



Three of the candidates who attracted the most votes in Tuesday’s election were Muslims, with two — Anam Miah and Abu Musa — serving as incumbents and with Saad Almasmari being elected to a first term, the Detroit Free Press reported.

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Mohammed Hassan, another member of the city council, was not up for re-election this cycle. That said, four out of six members of the Hamtramck City Council will be Muslims beginning in January.


For God’s sake- ANAM, ABU, SAAD and MOHAMMED. What in the hell is going on here? Are these people insane? I’d vote for those dudes- I’d vote for them to get the hell out of my country and go back to their sand dunes and mud huts where camels and goats run free. They sound more like ISIS members than city council members.

Let me guess. First on the agenda is allowing feet to be washed in public sinks. Next will be mandatory prayer rugs at every bus stop. Give me a fricking break!


“Hamtramck has made history,” Bill Meyer, a local community leader, told the outlet. “The election was far from close, with the three Muslim winners each gaining over 1,000 votes, while the other three candidates garnered less than 700 votes each,” TheBlaze reports.

But Almasmari told the Washington Post that he wants residents to know that the council will be working hard for all residents, regardless of religious affiliation.

“Although we are Muslims, it doesn’t have anything to do with serving the community,” he said. “It’s not about religion. It’s not about Muslim unity. We are planning to work for everyone.”

Miah, Musa and Hassan are of Bangladeshi descent and Almasmari is of Yemeni descent.

Yemen? Yeah I hear it’s wonderful this time of the year. 

Hamtramck was settled by Germans when it was founded two centuries ago and was later flooded by Polish-Catholic immigrants, but the Muslim population has exploded due to immigration, according to Professor Sally Howell of the University of Michigan-Dearmorn.

Howell told the Washington Post that she estimates that Hamtramck was likely the first American city to have a Muslim majority back in 2013, with the city having seven mosques — more per capita than any other location in America.

Hooray! Let’s all put on black face masks and burkas and CELEBRATE! Hell, let’s all behead some Christians while we’re at it- just for sh*ts and giggles.

Once a predominantly a Polish Catholic community, Hamtramck has been infiltrated by Muslims and has allowed the mosques to broadcast the call to prayer over loud speakers. Muslims also regularly practice their religious exercises in the public square.

Sounds like fun huh? Unbelievable…

My colleague Dom The Conservative at Mad World News reports that Hamtramck has been heavily influenced by the overflow of Muslim migrants in Dearborn, which is infamous for stoning Christian protesters who showed up at a Muslim festival.

Dearborn has become a no-go zone for non-Muslims, especially Christians, and Hamtramck is following closely behind. In these areas, Sharia law is stealthily implemented and the Constitution is shunned. Makeshift Sharia courts are set up to trump civil court, as was one Islamic council in Texas before being shut down.

Muslims have the media and education system in their pockets, relying on them to spew whitewashed Islamic teaching and paint Muslims as the victims of their own brutality. It was only a matter of time before the growing Muslim minority was able to take over local governments.

Although the left refuses to acknowledge it, Muslims do the same thing in every country they infiltrate. After gaining control of the media, education, and government, jizya is established and the dhimmis lose their basic human rights.

Not one country that has fallen to Muslim migration is still a democracy, and no matter how powerful or civil the U.S. is, it is no exception to the rule.

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