RED ALERT: Obama Admin Teams Up With Muslims, Enforces Sharia On U.S. Businesses


Barack Obama just sided with Muslims to enforce Islamic Sharia Law on an American business by awarding $240,000 in damages to two Muslim truck drivers who sued their former employer for religious discrimination after they were fired for refusing to make beer deliveries.

Look, these Muslims new damn well that they would be required deliver beer when they were first hired, but they took the job anyways.

Now the 2 Muslims, Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim Hassan  are a hell of a lot richer, thanks to OBAMA!



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The Obama administration has taken a different position when it comes to defending Christians’ religious liberty. The Muslim’s argument was similar to the one made by Kim Davis when she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


Top Right News reported that Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) represented them in the case, providing tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars in legal support, judicial filings and court appearances against the employer who was hopelessly outgunned by the Federal government.

And the Muslims were awarded a stunning $240,000 by a jury, presided over by an Obama appointee who stunned analysts by allowing the case to go forward at all.


Absolutely disgusting.

Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly had Judge Andrew Napolitano on her show where they discussed this ruling.

She opened saying:

“The Obama administration actually represented the two Muslims in this case. But has sometimes taken a very different position in the case of Christians trying to assert their religious beliefs.”

She then said to Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano:

“So in the case of the Muslim truck drivers, the Obama administration through the EEOC is all in. This is what they said:

‘We are proud to support the rights of workers to equal treatment in the workplace without having to sacrifice their religious beliefs or practices; it’s fundamental to the American principles of religious freedom and tolerance.’

But when it comes to the Christian bakers, it’s not as fundamental.”

Judge Napolitano agreed, saying:

“That’s correct. It’s unfortunate when the government interferes in a private dispute over religious views, and takes sides, and chooses one religion over another.”

He added:

“The way the feds intervened … they wanted this case because they wanted to make the point that they’ve now made.”

So, because of Obama we now have one set of laws for Christians and another set of laws for Muslims. Unbelievable.


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