‘Refugee’ Crisis So Bad In Sweden, Citizens Just REVOLTED Against The Government

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Sweden has been one of the more generous nations in Europe when it comes to allowing in so-called “refugees” from the Middle East, and they’re paying a heavy price for it.

One of the nation’s top cops went public after being silenced by the government, and he revealed that mass migration has had a devastating effect on the nation. As a result, the Swedish people have started a “Swedish Spring” in which a groundswell of support is amassing to demand a national conversation on the epidemic of crimes being committed by Muslim migrants.

According to Paul Joseph Watson at InfoWars, Peter Springare blew the whistle on the nation’s liberal government allowing the country to crumble to ruins in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. In a Facebook post, he revealed that “Our pensioners are on their knees, schools are in chaos, health care is an inferno, police have been completely destroyed,” due to the crimes being committed by Muslim migrants.

Among the many crimes Springare is tasked with processing, rape, assault, drug trafficking, violence against police and murder were almost exclusively committed by people from Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Somalia or Syria. The suspects all had something else in common as well; their names were almost always “Mohammed” or some variation of the name.

In retaliation for his coming forward, the Swedish government launched an internal investigation against him on the grounds of “racial agitation,” and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven responded to Springare’s claims by accusing him of being “wrong.”

Following the controversy, Springare’s supporters are calling on the government to address the very real issues the nation is now facing due to the influx of Muslim migrants. Political leaders have been hesitant to discuss their concerns despite years of cars being torched, riots, violent attacks, and sexual assaults plaguing the nation’s largest cities.

News of the “Swedish Spring” comes as holdovers at the State Department from the Obama administration rushed through the processing of over 100 Syrian refugees on Monday after a judge halted President Trump’s moratorium on the refugee program. In all, 113 migrants were admitted to the United States, all of whom were from Syria and exclusively of the Muslim religion.

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