Refugees Fleeing U.S. For Canada After Trump Win Get NASTY Surprise At The Border… RACISTS!

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Refugees who originally planned on settling in America are now trying to make their way to Canada after President Trump won the election, but things may not go as planned.

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised his nation would be open to allowing them in, the laws on the books likely won’t allow it to happen. Thanks to the 2004 Safe Third Country Agreement between the U.S. and Canada, once a refugee seeks asylum in one of the two nations they can’t claim it in the other, which means those making the northern trek are supposed to be turned away by law.


According to the Daily Caller, Canadian liberals are attempting to argue that America is no longer safe for refugees, but they likely won’t get very far considering we’re still America. However, that’s not stopping the editorial staff at the Toronto Star from urging the government to suspend the bilateral agreement.

“If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meant what he tweeted about Canada’s commitment to openness in the wake of Trump’s travel ban, his government should ensure that those who cannot now count on safe haven in the U.S. can find it here,” the editorial board wrote.

More on the asylum rejections from the Caller:

There are exceptions to the Safe Third Country Agreement, but they are few. These exceptions are if you have a family member living legally in Canada, if you are an unaccompanied minor, if you have a Canadian visa or work permit, or if you would be facing the death penalty in the U.S.

The Montreal Gazette also reports that a loophole in the agreement allows for refugees to apply for asylum as long as they cross illegally into the interior of the country. However as Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has said, he has no plans to increase his country’s refugee intake, these refugees crossing illegally are doubtful to get asylum.

The nation only plans to support 7,500 refugees and an additional 16,000 have to be privately sponsored. This has led to a fight by Canadian liberals to get Prime Minister Trudeau to suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement.

Trudeau hasn’t said whether or not he’ll suspend the agreement, but he did state that he’s “very concerned” about refugees making the dangerous voyage up north. If he doesn’t suspend it, then he’s the biggest hypocrite in North America since he’s done nothing but try to pressure us into taking refugees – pressure that President Trump has resisted.

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