REMEMBER? Trump BACKHANDED Putin With These 4 EPIC Words After Russian Jets Threaten U.S. Military [VID]


As we have reported, the Russians have been taunting Obama by buzzing our Navy ships and even doing barrel rolls within 25 feet of a U.S. Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance plane flying in international airspace.

Obama has done nothing as usual even though these acts are clearly intended to provoke us.

Putin and others will continue to provoke us because they know we won’t fight back, under the Obama regime.

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Trump says Putin has a complete lack of respect for Obama and America.


In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Trump was asked about the problem with this Russian Provocation:

Trump weighed in on pressing foreign policy issues, including aggressive moves Russian warplanes have made recently near U.S. naval ships and how his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims would impact U.S. relations with Muslim nations.

Trump said he would be able to call Russian President Vladimir Putin and get him to keep his warplanes far from American military ships by simply saying: “Don’t do it again.”


“I think I will have a good relationship with him,” Trump said of Putin, the Russian autocrat who in December called Trump “talented” and “absolutely the leader in the presidential race.”

Trump did not back away from his proposal to temporarily ban all foreign Muslims from entering the U.S., but said he would work with Muslim countries in the fight against terrorism — but put the onus on those countries first.

“They have to save themselves, and we can help them, but they have to save themselves,” Trump said.

Ben Marquis at Conservative Tribune adds:

While some may dismiss Trump’s words as being too simple, in actuality they are just right, particularly the part about a “lack of respect.”

Nobody wants to become engaged in a major war, not even Russia, and it would quickly cease its provocative actions if its officials suspected that a real American leader would be unafraid to confront them and push back.

Counter-punching is one thing that Trump does well, and with the threat of a powerful military backing him up, it is much less likely that rivals or rogue nations would test Trump to find out how serious he is.

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God Bless. 


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