Report Alleges BLM Threatened To Shoot Bundy Supporters, Agree To Release Cattle!

Police in standoff with protesters at Bundy ranch


Joe Newby via The Examiner

On Saturday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal said the Bureau of Land Management agreed to release some 100 head of cattle belonging to rancher Cliven Bundy from a corral outside the town of Mesquite. Prior to that, however, Infowars reporter David Knight said he clearly heard federal agents threaten to shoot Bundy supporters who had gathered to confront the BLM and take Bundy’s cattle back.

“We have the feds, who are heavily armed, militarized as we’ve seen from the very beginning, a lot of bulletproof vests…barking orders, hiding behind their cars, threatening to shoot us,” he told Alex Jones. “They threatened to shoot us if we didn’t leave.”

Knight also said feds waved off a man from Fox News. According to Knight, the man had his hands in the air, but feds would not talk to him.

Earlier Saturday, we reported the BLM had backed off and said they would not continue the effort to physically take Bundy’s cattle, effectively ending a tense week in the area. After the announcement made by Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, Bundy supporters made their way to the pen, upset that Gillespie never mentioned what would happen to the cattle that had already been taken.

Fox News’ Matt Finn said on Twitter that dozens of police and SWAT agents arrived on the scene to keep the peace as armed protesters flooded Interstate 15, blocking traffic and demanding the release of Bundy’s cattle.

“Dozens of police/swat in stand-off like situation w protestors. Protestors now have rifles and guns highly visible. No violence,” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user said the highway is shut down with traffic blocked in both directions. A local news stationsaid protesters have “swarmed” the highway, shutting down traffic, adding that protesters have issued no “overt” threats of violence as of 12:45 p.m. local time.

Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., urged protesters to stand down and let BLM agents leave the area. He also asked those who came from outside Nevada to return home. Fox News reported Friday that supporters have come from as far away as New Hampshire to stand with Bundy.

“The dispute is over, the BLM is leaving, but emotions and tensions are still near the boiling point, and we desperately need a peaceful conclusion to this conflict,” he said. “I urge all the people involved to please return to your homes and allow the BLM officers to collect their equipment and depart without interference.”

“We are very close to a calm, peaceful resolution but it only takes the action of one individual to stir things up again and bring us back to the brink of violence and no one wants to see that happen,” he added. “I want to offer my deepest thanks to all those who are urging calm and diligently working to avoid any sort of violent confrontation at the conclusion of this episode. Again, please return home and allow the federal officers to collect their equipment and depart in peace.”

According to 8 News Now, BLM agents are unable to leave because of the protesters and will not leave until they are at a safe distance.



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