BREAKING REPORT: Hunter Biden Allegedly Has PornHub Account, Uploaded Personal Porn…Including Family Member

By Allan Miller

The corrupt Biden Family wants America to believe that they are the typical hard-working American family, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Joe Biden on Thursday defended his son, Hunter Biden, saying he was a ‘good’ guy who ‘has done nothing but good things his whole life’ even after he was made to pay child support to a stripper he impregnated out of wedlock among numerous other illegal activities.


Last month, Hunter Biden agreed to pay child support to an Arkansas woman, Lunden Roberts, who was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club that he frequented.

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Where’s he getting the money from? Oh yeah- China, Ukraine and Russia!


On Monday it was uncovered that VP Biden and his wife colluded to suppress Hunter’s actions with a certain minor. On Tuesday we uncovered information showing how Hunter put his family at risk for Russian Blackmail after participating in seedy actions in West Hollywood with at least one Russian woman. On Wednesday we reported that Hunter took pictures exposing himself in the presence of a minor. This morning we reported that Hunter was accused of “Walking Around Naked Watching Porn Masturbating and Doing Drugs” in front of a minor.

Today we completely destroy any idea that the Biden family and Hunter Biden are All American heroes.

Hunter Biden not only was involved in depraved activities, he filmed them and took pictures of these events too and today we have evidence that he published and promoted these activities at the porn website PornHub.

It is reportedly Hunter’s account because of a screenshot where one of his browser pages open is “Joe Biden Smiling”.

Also, this account is associated with Hunter because the pictures and videos in the account are also on the Hunter Biden laptop that was recently uncovered.

One of the women in the picture with the two girls on Hunter’s PornHub account can also be traced back to a woman in a pool at a Hollywood location. Gateway Pundit also tied another picture on his home page with another picture on his laptop.  This account is not made up.

A shocking piece of information in this squalid story is found on Hunter’s site.  The picture of the woman’s behind on his PornHub home page is that of a family member!  Hunter also includes pictures of that same woman within his account. 

Why would the Biden family use Hunter as their bag man in their pay-to-play scheme?  Hunter was an animal and a mess.  He admittedly did drugs.  He was with seedy people in seedy places yet the family did all they could to cover it all up.

This tells you all you need to know about Joe Biden’s judgment. Joe Biden should never come close to the White House ever again.

This is a developing story brought to you with information by Gateway Pundit. 100% FED Up can neither confirm nor deny any information related to this story.

This article originally appeared at 100 Percent FED Up and was republished with permission.

Some additional material was added.


God Bless.

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