REPORT: Welfare Pays MORE Than Minimum Wage In Most States…


I wonder how much better the poor would be if we got the government out of their lives and let charities support the needy. How much more efficient would our money be used if we could give it the charities and not the IRS? Why limit the tax deduction allowed for charitable contributions? DEFUND THE IRS and really help the poor.

So in my eyes it should be the individual states, not the federal government, that decide regulations on minimum wage, welfare, education, and all other matters not specifically given to the government by the Constitution. Imagine if the federal government actually followed the Constitution and got rid of all of the over-reaching federal departments of everything! We need to go at government with a machete, cutting out unconstitutional departments left and right, giving the states BACK the power to decide if they want those departments and how to run them. Then we would be living in the country our founders created.

If you don’t want to work, the good news is that a new study by the Cato Institute, “The Work Versus Welfare Trade-Off, 2013,” shows that welfare currently pays more than the minimum wage in 35 states in the United States, even figuring in the Earned Income Tax Credit that subsidizes low-income workers. Creating an even greater obstacle to moving from taxpayer-subsidized leisure to work, the study shows that welfare in 12 states and Washington, D.C., currently pays more than $15 per hour, double the national minimum wage.

Along with the District of Columbia, these are the 12 states with welfare benefits in excess of $15 per hour — in downward order from the most generous, Hawaii at $29.13 an hour, to Wyoming at $15.68: Hawaii, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, California, Oregon, Wyoming.“In 11 states, welfare pays more than the average pre-tax first year wage for a teacher,” reports the Cato study. “In 39 states it pays more than the starting wage for a secretary.”

Tanner and Hughes report that someone in Hawaii would have to earn a pre-tax income of $60,590 in order to match in net income the state’s $49,175 welfare package. A pre-tax income of $60,590 is $24,315 higher than Hawaii’s median salary of $36,275.

So what is the answer? Why don’t we send companies a bill for all of the entitlement benefits that their employees are receiving? As an example:Walmart is making billions by keeping wages as low as possible. They help their hourly employees navigate the entitlement programs that they are eligible for based on their low wages. These entitlements cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Why doesn’t the government send them a bill? Obviously, they can afford it based on their profit of billions. They could pay for the entitlements and still have profit left over.

Think of all the Walmart commercials where the guy does the comparison-shopping. He shows how much people can save if they choose Walmart. What he does not tell you is that savings is going to cost you, the taxpayer, in additional taxes to subsidize the Walmart employees low wages.

It is simple math not politics. Walmart can still be extremely profitable and cover their employee’s welfare payments. Why should taxpayers have to pay Walmart’s employees while Walmart is raking in tremendous profit. This in a nutshell is absurd and I will add Walmart is not the only company who falls into this category by any means. It’s insanity but welcome to Obamanomics, outsource full time good paying jobs while creating more part time low paying jobs to make a more dependent society. This must stop or we will continue to see the downfall of our nation.

Source:   / The New American


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