Reporter Investigates ‘No-Go’ Zones Sweden DENIES Exists, SHOCKED When Muslims Approach Then…


The Swedish government has strongly denied that so-called “no-go” zones in Muslim communities exist, but a freelance investigative journalist found otherwise.

Tim Pool has traveled the world and been to the most dangerous areas imaginable, and even he was scared away from the immigrant-rich community where riots broke out just last week near Stockholm.

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Pool went to the area after President Trump claimed there were such areas in the country and the government denied it, but according to Paul Joseph Watson at InfoWars, they do exist, and they’re every bit as dangerous as you’d imagine.


Pool was in Sweden for a week convicting interviews in an effort to better understand what’s going on. After leaving Malmo, he traveled to Rinkeby, where violent riots broke out and cars were set ablaze as journalists, business owners, and police alike were attacked by the migrant community.

According to Pool, his crew wasn’t filming or doing anything other than talking to a couple of police officers in the neighborhood when some of the local men started putting on masks and “staring” them down.

“The police started getting scared and very calmly and quietly said it would be smart if you were to leave right now. He told me to look around at what the people were doing,” said Pool.

In another video, Pool said that police had to escort them to their vehicle for fear they were about to be attacked.

Pool later tweeted that he “thought we would be totally safe to go in there and ask people what life was like,” but that really wasn’t the case at all.

“I really didn’t expect that to happen,” he said.

Leftists have been bending over backwards to deny any such areas exist in the nation. They claim that Swedish migrant areas are completely safe and that the “no-go” zones are a figment of people’s imagination.

However, a look at Pool’s experience would say otherwise, yet those on the left would welcome these same people into our nation, which would undoubtedly lead to similar types of areas as migrants took over entire communities. If you don’t think it could happen, just look at what’s occurred in every country that’s allow mass migration of so-called “refugees” into their nations.

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