BADASS Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene TRASHES RINO McConnell And The ‘Republican Establishment’- This Is EPIC!


Okay- we here at Americas Freedom Fighters are huge fans of Conservative ROCK STAR Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. This woman is the real deal.


RINO Mitch McConnell, R-Ky has wasted no time in sucking up to the SOCIALIST/DEMOCRATS.  In yet another spineless and pathetic attempt to showcase how easily he can be manipulated and is nothing more than a puppet, McConnell caved to the dems and agreed to extend the debt ceiling.

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MTG went SCORCHED EARTH on McConnell and other RINOS and trashed these useless fools on Twitter and it’s glorious!

Enjoy! 😁

1. It’s the systemic failures of the Republican establishment who constantly compromise with the Hate America Communist Democrat Party that have led us to where we are now.


2. Mitch McConnell, the “Republican” leader in the Senate, needs to stop holding hands with Schumer who hates Republicans and wants to round us up with the politically weaponized DOJ & FBI.


3. Extending the debt ceiling just gives a comfy little padding and relieves the pressure off of Democrats to continue working their Socialist plans in the Green New Deal budget so they can please the Jihad Squad in the House.

4. For your information Mitch, anything you do that helps the America & Israel hating Progressives get their way betrays our country and our allies.

Republican leaders should not be providing aid and comfort to likes of Omar, Jayapal, and AOC.

5. McConnell needs to lead Republicans in the Senate to stand firm against every single Democrat bill and request made with Democrat lying slithering tongues.

6. McConnell is so old and has been encrusted into the walls of the swamp that he can’t even hear the screams coming from Republicans & even Democrats all over America, demanding Republicans in Washington fight with everything we have to stop the destruction of our great country.

7. @LeaderMcConnell should talk to Representatives like me about what the people want instead of talking with Democrat leaders like Schumer. I have the people’s support. And they are beyond angry at what they see.

8. It’s Republicans job to stop the Democrat’s destructive agenda. Let them own every bit of failure. Don’t help them.


AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS previously reported that RINO McConnell slammed Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in a scathing statement, referring to “loony lies and conspiracy theories” and inferred that she is a “cancer for the Republican Party and our country.”

Screw that worthless old idiot.

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Lastly, check out these guns!

You gotta love it!

We need more patriots like Marjorie Taylor Greene!


H/T 100 Percent Fed Up.

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