BREAKING: Calls For Gov. Brown’s Resignation After What He Secretly Did To President Trump


Anti-Trump California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is facing loads of scrutiny after people learned what he did to hundreds of criminal illegal aliens, all the defy President Trump.

Brown, who’s made it abundantly clear he doesn’t agree with the President’s immigration policies, decided to take matters into his own hands and shied hundreds of illegals from deportation by the federal government. The only problem is that he didn’t use so-called “sanctuary cities” to do it, nor did he forbid federal agents from trying to round them up.


Instead, he decided to make his own state even more dangerous by granting pardons to hundreds of illegal aliens convicted of crimes ranging from drug possession and trafficking, to weapons charges including assault. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Brown used the pardoning power of his office to erase felony convictions of 132 people while commuting the sentences of 19 other.

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This comes after a five-time deportee convicted of seven different felonies shot and killed Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14, only to be acquitted by a leftist jury in the same city.


More from the Bee:

Brown, pairing his state’s combative approach to federal immigration authorities with his belief in the power of redemption, characterized the pardons as acts of mercy.


The Democratic governor moved as federal officials in recent months have detained and deported immigrants with felony convictions that resulted in the loss of their legal residency status, including many with nonviolent offenses that occurred years ago.

With the pardons, the reason for applicants’ deportations may be eliminated, said attorney Kevin Lo of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus, which represented some of the men in a recent class-action lawsuit.

Lovely. It’s worth noting that Brown holds the record for granting pardons in California, which isn’t exactly something to be proud of.

On Saturday, Brown extended a total of 132 pardons and 19 commutations. Since returning to office in 2011, he has handed down a modern-era record 1,059 pardons, along with 37 commutations, far more than the 404 pardons and one commutation he made over his first two terms as governor, from 1975 to 1983.

If anybody is wondering what America would have looked like under a President Hillary Clinton (thank GOD we’ll never have to utter those words and mean them), all they need to do is look at California as a microcosm of the entire country.

Great job, Deplorables. You saved us from ruin!

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