Rev. Franklin Graham Praises Donald Trump For THIS Reason… And He’s Right!

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Donald Trump’s recent comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly have really caused a ruckus as we’ve been reporting. Many people think he was out of line while others agree with him. One thing you have to admit is that he has people talking and that’s generally a good thing.

Many believe that Trump’s statements on a variety of topics will bring him down. They also believe he is harming the image of the conservative camp. We here at AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS disagree. We feel it’s long overdue that we have a candidate speak the truth. Someone that addresses the enormous problems our great country is dealing with. Someone that isn’t afraid to go against the RINO establishment that has failed us.

The great Reverend Franklin Graham agrees. He had this to say on his Facebook page:

There’s been a lot of media stir around Donald Trump since the ‪#‎GOP ‬debates Thursday night. I’m not endorsing Donald J. Trump or any other candidate, but one thing’s for sure—he’s shaking up the Republican party and the political process overall. And it needs shaking up!

Washington has become so corrupt and off-focus. We have some great individuals running for president in 2016.

My advice to them? Stop taking cheap shots at each other and get back to telling the American people what you can do for this country and how you’re going to do it.

It is my prayer that God will give us a president who will look to Him for wisdom and direction as he or she leads this great nation.

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