BREAKING NEWS From Rex Tillerson… It’s HUGE


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BREAKING: Tillerson –  ‘Diplomatic Relations To Continue Until The First Bomb Drops’


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sure can turn phrase–is there anyone else that can threaten someone using terms of peace? In a brilliant display of rhetoric Tillerson presented both the carrot and the stick to our North Korean enemies and he didn’t even bat an eye.

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In response to the rising tensions brewing in the Asian Pacific, Tillerson reiterated that “diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops.”


Tillerson was in enemy territory when he said these words–no, not the enemy territory on the Korean Peninsula, but in the enemy territory of the Clinton News Network otherwise known as CNN.


His comments come following an indication from President Trump last week that diplomatic efforts were going to be halted as they were seen as useless and futile.  Still, Tillerson says that his instruction to continue outreach to the hermit kingdom comes directly from the president himself.  Once again, President Trump seems to being playing a game of good cop, bad cop with the Korean counterparts.

“The president has made it clear to me to continue diplomatic efforts,” Tillerson said.

North Korea, for its part, has been doing very little to assuage concerns in the region.  A repeated series of weapons tests as well as launching not one, but two missiles over the northern-most isles of Japan, haven’t exactly offered hope that this age-old matter can be solved through diplomatic means.

Tillerson also indicated that the president has a very good relationship with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping: “Rest assured that the Chinese are not confused in any way” about the US policy towards North Korea.

North Korea remains in an active ‘ready’ state and has maintained that position since the ceasefire, known as the Korean Armistice Agreement, was signed on July 27, 1953.

While the agreement was intended to cease all hostilities in the region, that has not been the case and a number of instances have occurred resulting in the loss of life–Americans have fallen victim to this betrayal as well.

Further, North Korea has stated on no less than six separate occasions that they intended to break the armistice in the years 1994, 1996, 2003, 2009, and 2013.

Of course, North Korea is threatened by defection and desertion more than anything else these days.  It has gotten to the point where the hermit kingdom has placed thousands of anti-personnel mines along it’s border.  The mines are not there to keep allied forces from entering North Korea, rather they are being used to prevent North Korean border guards from surrendering to the South.

Under Obama, in 2016, a last ditch effort was made to create a peace pact with North Korea.  For the first time in the history of this conflict, Americans offered the North Koreans far too favorable terms: they would be allowed to keep their nuclear weapons program. Thankfully, the North Koreans didn’t allow the talks to go much further or else we would have another ridiculous Iran-type deal on our hands.  And, say what you will about Iran, at least there is more than one faction calling shots over there.

North Korea is run entirely by hardliners.



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