BREAKING: Rich People Buying Bunkers All Over THIS Country… Here’s Why


The Japanese people are preparing in the worst ways possible for catastrophe. They are buying bunkers in preparation for the potential imminent attacks from their neighbor North Korea. The Tubby Tyrant has made no secret of his plans for world domination.  The Japanese people are attempting to prepare in any way they can.

Emergency disaster supply companies such as Oribe Seiki Seisakusho have seen their sales triple since March. The 30-year-old company is having trouble keeping its most popular product, air filters, in stock. The filters are designed to block radiation and poisonous gas.


A nuclear fallout shelter costs $227,210, and the air purifiers cost between $5,630 and $15,440. It takes approximately four months to build a suitable shelter, which is built to withstand a Hiroshima-class nuclear explosion.

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While the rest of the world watches North Korea’s nuclear program with an increasing sense of alarm, Japan is actively preparing. The Japanese have long viewed North Korea as a menace, however, the rogue regime’s July 4 launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile has raised the level of alarm to a significant degree.


North Korea has reportedly launched 18 missiles since February. It is believed that a nuclear-equipped North Korea can hit Alaska, nearly 6,000 miles away. Tokyo is just 800 miles from Pyongyang, across the Sea of Japan.

President Trump fired back a very strongly worded response letting North Korea know the United States will respond to North Korean aggression with “fire and fury.” The North Korean military is not taking President Trump seriously, referring to President Trump’s threat as a “load of nonsense.” John Bolton reminded America that the U.S. is now vulnerable to attack because of former president Barack Obama’s inaction.

The President tweeted in two separate tweets, stating –  “My first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. It is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before. Hopefully we will never have to use this power, but there will never be a time that we are not the most powerful nation in the world!”

After North Korea launched a barrage of four missiles back in early March, it was revealed that the Korean People’s Army was rehearsing a strike on U.S. bases in Japan. Within two weeks time, Japan started preparations, holding its first evacuation drills at Japanese schools.


Japan is considering expanding the capabilities of its armed forces to permit attacks on North Korea in the event of a crisis. The country is also enhancing its missile defense systems.

The Japanese government is taking this threat very seriously, regularly updating its civil-protection website with tips (stay inside, keep away from windows) and airing public-interest ads on TV about what to do in the event a ballistic missile is en route and the country’s early warning system successfully sounds the alert. As the only country to have ever been on the receiving end of a nuclear weapon, Japan is particularly sensitive to Pyongyang’s efforts to develop missiles with greater ranges and nuclear bombs with higher explosive yields.

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