Rich White Kids Protest The Police and Deface Confederate Monument… Look What Happens Next


A group of all white protesters likely from Vanderbilt marched through the streets of downtown Nashville in response to the National Order of Police 2017 convention being in town claiming to be marching for racial justice.

The group started in Public Square Park holding up traffic as they marched down Broadway and ended at the State Capitol. Demonstrators claim the rally was in response to the FOP National Conference which kicked off at Opryland Monday.


Protesters screaming into megaphones yelling –

“When communities are under attack, what do we do? We fight back.”

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Dixon Irene, rally organizer said of the reason for the event and why they were targeting the Fraternal Order of Police in particular –


“We are here to say Nashville doesn’t welcome the FOP in our city. 


They do not support workers’ rights, only officer rights, and their own self-interest, and this puts them at odds with other unions and against other working class folks.

The FOP provides legal support and public relations to police who harm civilians.”

She also claimed that policing was “an institution that started as a response to black slaves escaping” and that police have historically “worked alongside the KKK and other hate groups” to “create a policy of fear and a society of hate.”


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Roughly 100 people showed up to march through downtown Nashville on Monday night in a rally billed as an anti-white supremacy rally, however, before it ended protesters set their sights on yet another Confederate monument.

The monument was located on the state capitol grounds honoring Rutherford County Civil War spy Sam Davis. Davis’ historic home sits just a few miles off of Interstate 24.  It is considered a historical landmark drawing some 20,000 visitors each year. He is remembered for being caught with sensitive Union army information.  When asked where he got the information he famously stated, “I would rather die a thousand deaths before I would betray a friend.”

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Within moments of arriving on the grounds of the Capitol, two protesters climbed the Davis Monument and covered the statue with a white sheet as protesters cheered and chanted “black lives matter.” They then chained the bust of Terence Crutcher in its place. Crutcher was a black man that was killed by a white police officer, Betty Shelby, in Tulsa, OK. Shelby was acquitted and later resigned her post with the police department.  She is to be a speaker during the Fraternal Order of Police national convention in Nashville.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a keynote speaker at the convention and causing even further controversy over the plan to resume supplying local police with surplus military equipment from the federal government.  The surplus sharing program – also known as the “1033 program” – was created by Congress back in the 1980s as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA. The program allowed the federal government to transfer military equipment to local law enforcement agencies, supplying anything from small arms to aircraft.

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Sessions stated in his Monday evening speech –

“I am here to announce that President Trump is issuing an executive order that will make it easier to protect yourselves and your communities. He is rescinding restrictions from the prior administration that limited your agencies’ ability to get equipment through federal programs, including life saving gear like Kevlar vests and helmets and first responder and rescue equipment like what they’re using in Texas right now.” 

Metro Nashville Police Department and the Tennessee State Police worked together to cut the chains after the protesters had dispersed.  They removed the sheet, the bust of Crutcher, and all the trappings left behind by those marching against the police and claiming the need for social and racial justice against so-called white supremacy.

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