BREAKING: RINO Chris Christie Sticks It STRAIGHT UP NJ Residents’ Behinds With A HORRIBLE ‘Parting Gift’


Outgoing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie no longer cares about his public image because he doesn’t have any more elections to win, and now we’re learning who he really is.

Christie, who was infamously photographed on a beach he had shut down to spite his state legislature, is no stranger to controversy. In fact, it surrounds him everywhere he goes since much like President Trump, he just speaks his mind, only Christie is most of the time downright mean with what he says.


However, this time around the wound has been totally self-inflicted. For the longest time, including the 2016 Presidential Election, Christie has been a strong supporter of gun control, despite the fact that the proposed gun control “solutions” are the equivalent of make spoons smaller of reducing the size of buffet serving trays in order to stop people from getting fat. In fact, Christie is so strongly anti-Second Amendment that he heavily favors an “assault weapons” ban, even though that, as written in the Federalist Papers, the Second Amendment was never about hunting or target practice; it was about the citizenry having firepower equivalent to the government’s so they could thwart any attempts at a tyrannical takeover of our country.

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With this in mind, the overweight NJ politician decided he was going to give NJ residents one last parting gift, and boy is it ever going to be enough to make your blood boil.


My friend and Colleague Awr Hawkins from Breitbart News has more on this troubling story:

According to, the use of bump stocks was already banned in New Jersey, so the law Christie signed will simply broaden that ban to outlaw possession of bump stocks as well. Moreover, the new ban also covers trigger cranks, which were not even used in the Las Vegas attack. (This goes to the point that Gun Owners of America makes regarding ATF efforts to ban bump stocks nationally. Namely, that a ban on bump stocks will not stop with bump stocks. Rather, it will become an all-encompassing ban that can be expanded to include other firearm accessories when, and how, the banning authority sees fit.)


New Jersey residents have 90 days to hand over their bump stocks to authorities or else face third-degree charges which carry “a sentence of three-to-five years in prison, a fine of up to $15,000, or both.”

Did you see that? He’s giving people 90 days to turn in their firearm accessories that are less accurate than a blunderbuss shooting asymmetrical chunks of lead, or face up to five years in prison. Pardon my language, but what an authoritarian asshole.

BREAKING: Chris Christie Sticks It STRAIGHT UP NJ Residents’ Behinds With A HORRIBLE ‘Parting Gift’

Keep in mind, not a single crime has been committed with the so-called “bump stocks” in New Jersey, but Democrats did what Democrats do and used the death by a thousand cuts technique to chip away at the Second amendment rights of Jersey residents, knowing this will pave the way for future bans of modification accessories that do little to improve aim or accuracy but damn sur make a bunch of noise.

I’d say thank God for New Jersey that Christie is leaving, but he’ll likely be replaced by a Marxist Democrat, then they’ll really be f-d.

When are people going to stop voting for politicians who believe they know how to run the lives of the people better than the people themselves?

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