BREAKING: Rioters CRASH Trump’s ARIZONA Rally, Then Sheriff Joe Steps Up [VID]

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Leftist activists that are paid for by George Soros, Obama, and other communist scumbags are terrorizing Trump supporters and I have to say, they might want to get out while they can. We won’t stand for this garbage much longer.

Today they shut down a main highway leading to Trumps rally in Arizona. It didn’t turn out so well.

Take a look.

Non violent- so far. But these leftist better watch themselves because we are fed up and are way more powerful than these scumbags.

Here’s more.

Filthy liberal scumbags. 

Look at this little punk. What a pile of garbage this little dude is. 

Check out the flag! 

Here’s democrats that want their children raped and killed by illegal aliens.

3 protesters were arrested.

These people are complete scumbags.

Donald Trump is the only candidate that has the will, the passion and desire to make America great again.

Scumbags like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are garbage.

These protesters are garbage.

Look, this is war.

This is a war that these left-wing wackos will lose.

We are angry!

We will not keep kissing these d-bags a$$es.

It’s going to get brutal in the next coming weeks and we just might see the revolution that has been looming since Obama took office.

You girls wanna play- let’s roll.

God Bless. 

(H/T Gateway Pundit)


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