While RIOTS Rage On In Milwaukee, Look What Cameras Caught OBAMA Doing [VIDEO]


By now you surely know that an armed black man was shot and killed by a police officer in Milwaukee which sparked massive rioting by angry black people over the weekend. 

The situation is so serious that the National Guard has been called in. Buildings have been burned to the ground and angry blacks actually hunted down any white person they could find to beat them down.


The officer who fatally shot the armed thug was black. Nevertheless, blacks targeted whites. It really makes no sense.

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This video footage shows violent mobs of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters targeting white people for brutal beat downs during last night’s unrest in Milwaukee. The clip shows angry rioters chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as cars slowly drive past.


Take a look.



YouTube video courtesy of Yankee Apocalypse

Now, where is our president? Why hasn’t he called for peace? Doesn’t he care? Apparently not.

Obama went golfing Sunday on Martha’s Vineyard where he is taking his annual two-week summer vacation. The traveling White House issued a statement that Obama had been briefed on the riot by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett who was in contact with officials in Milwaukee on behalf of the president–but no statement calling for peace was included in the White House announcement.

Check it out:


“.@POTUS has been updated on #Milwaukee developments. #news3”

The media was given a vantage point to film Obama at one point on the golf course.


Video posted by ABC News shows the obsequious press laughingly engaging Obama about his golf game but not one reporter is heard shouting a question about yet another American city in flames over anti-police riots by Black Lives Matter protesters, even though Obama has welcomed leaders of the movement to the White House and is heavily involved in anti-police politics through his words and government policies.

“.@POTUS jokes around as his golf partners search for their golf balls in the rough: “Neither of them are mine!””

Pres. Obama Jokes With Golf Buddies at Martha’s Vineyard
President Obama is the only one of his foursome, which includes former NBA star Alonzo Mourning, to hit the fairway during a round at Martha’s Vineyard.

Johnathan Jones at Western Journalism reports that more violence broke out in the city on Sunday night, when rioters threw a brick at a police car and at least one man was taken to an area hospital after being shot.

The nights of violence were instigated after Sylville K. Smith, 23, was shot and killed by Milwaukee Police for allegedly refusing to drop his stolen weapon following a chase after a routine traffic stop on Saturday.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said on Sunday that Smith was more heavily armed than the officer who shot him, and begged residents of his city to help restore order.

Barrett praised Milwaukee officers for showing an “amazing amount of restraint,” but asked residents of the city to do their part to end the chaos.

“If you love your son, if you love your daughter, text them, call them, pull them by the ears and get ’em home,” Barrett said.

Last week, Obama played his 300th round of golf as president while visiting Farm Neck.

The president commented on his game days before the milestone, telling the Golf Channel: “I think my irons are good, my drive is straight but unimpressive in length, and my putting’s decent, chipping is OK .. My sand game is terrible.”

Unfortunately, this is par for the course when it comes to Obama’s priorities.

To be honest, I’m glad he didn’t come out with a statement- all he would have said is that the police are targeting blacks and we need more gun control laws.

So, golf away bro.

God Bless.



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