RNC Director Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL Cruz Is Going To HATE: ‘Trump Is The Only One…’

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The communications director for the Republican National Committee appeared on Fox News on Sunday, and during his interview, he dropped a bombshell about the primaries that Sen. Ted Cruz is absolutely going to hate.

As Donald Trump tours around New York claiming that the process is “rigged” against him, Sean Spicer appeared to confirm as much while speaking with Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning. They were talking primary politics, and he uttered one sentence that should stick a fork into any chances Cruz has of getting the nomination, should he not be relying on secondary rules or promises from delegates to ditch their pledged candidate.

“Donald Trump is the only candidate right now that can get 1,237 bound delegates,” he said.

His statement means that Cruz is mathematically eliminated, and so is Governor John Kasich. Yet both men keep pressing on as a part of the “NeverTrump movement, and are willing to disenfranchise millions of voters for their own personal gain.

Check out the full interview below:

The interview happened around the same time that Cruz took to Twitter to respond to Trump’s criticism of the establishment and rub it in his supporters’ faces that he was able to essentially steal the delegates from several states that didn’t hold primary votes. In a bold, and very misleading tweet, the Texas Senator stated that over 1.3 million people voted in five different states, and “you lost ALL FIVE in a row, by huge margins.”

RNC Director Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL Cruz Is Going To HATE: ‘Trump Is The Only One…’

Of course, Cruz’s tweet didn’t tell the entire story. Three of those “elections” were held in states that didn’t hold primaries, and in at least one – Colorado – it was Cruz’s own operatives that decided to take the voice of the people in the state away by canceling the primary elections.

Fortunately for Trump, the next 13 contests all have people actually voting in them, which means he stands a much better chance at defeating Cruz, who’s relied on the establishment apparatus to wrestle delegates away from his opponents. With a landslide victory predicted in New York, and Trump leading the polls in the majority of the remaining states, it should be all but guaranteed that he ends up getting the nomination.

After all, when the people vote, Trump wins; when party insiders strike deals in back rooms and ignore the will of the people, Cruz wins.

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