HE IS RISEN- Here’s A Road Map To Getting Our Lives Back In 2021- We Must Do THIS NOW!

2021 A Road Map To Getting Our Lives Back- We Can’t Be Idle Any Longer!

It was about a year ago when I had what was the worst “viral chest cold” of my life. I started coughing uncontrollably Thanksgiving day 2019, and I couldn’t stop coughing until almost New Years eve 2019. I went to my doctors who looked at me, and said “you just have a seasonal chest virus that is going around.” Knowing what we know now, people started reporting Covid19 cases in the United States just a few weeks after I came back to normal health. Fast forward to March, and we heard from the President about how we were going to act as a nation to stop this virus from spreading. We would enter a 2 week national shut down to slow the surge of cases that was about to break our countries medical infrastructure. This 2 week lockdown is still going for a at least a dozen states across our great country still!

Through this whole lockdown, stay home, don’t kill grandma, media panic porn dribble, we have watched as thousands gathered in the streets numerous times throughout major cities under the guise of “peaceful protests.” These protests were for a viral video of a man we all came to know as George Floyd. A man we were told was killed for being black, but upon the medical examiners reports, we found out he overdosed and died from cardiac arrest. The lame stream media and their “experts” told us that none of the protests caused any surge in the coronavirus cases. But we were also told we couldn’t go out to our kid’s outdoor sporting events, because that would cause the spread even with us socially distancing, and if we wore masks. None of these guidelines were good enough to please the experts.


Some of you have watched as loved ones have had to go into the hospitals for emergency surgeries, and or had kids or grandkids born that you were forbidden from visiting in the hospital because they won’t allow you to enter for the fear of spreading the virus. You and I were however permitted to go to Lowes home improvement, Target, Wal-Mart, to shop and spend our government stimulus checks if you were fortunate enough to even get one of those! The experts said this is all because Target, and Lowes are able to keep their facilities clean enough for you to continue on with your life as normal. Meanwhile, keep in mind that a hospital is supposed to be one of the most sterile environments in our society so that you can get healthy when you are too sick to do so at home.

I’m sure many of you have watched the small businesses in your area suffer and or some even close their doors for good because of the heavy burden’s placed upon them by your State, and or local governments. The sad part is, this country was built by these small businesses, and our government suffocating them like an anaconda does to it’s prey before it devours it.

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We are seeing small glimpses of freedom pop up with court cases ruling in favor of liberty and justice. Take the recent ruling out of the Supreme Court, that also gave a booster shot to religious liberties in our country, for example. The Supreme Court told the want to be Dictator Cuomo in New York State that he couldn’t put a capacity on religious gatherings because of the First Amendment separating the Church from the State. To many times in the past we have watched as the courts have ruled to have the Churches removed from the state in their rulings. This idea is a modern progressive idea that is a cancer in our culture, judicial system, and even parts of our education system. This court case also changed a recent case that was brought up in California where the Dictator in chief Newsom has been attacking his states Churches as well.


For some of you, I understand the idea of a Virus is scary and very much concerning, but we have lived with coronaviruses for hundreds of years ladies and gentlemen. The real virus now that’s surging is your elected leaders who are demanding you kill your entire way of life to cower in your homes, while they enjoy fine dining, and travel. If this virus is so deadly, why is Hollywood allowed to work, but the restaurants around the studios can’t even open under the same set of rules as the studios? Why can’t your small grocery stores clean everything with the same disinfectants that Lowes can?


I do not know about you, but I am tired of the elephant in the room. This hypocritical living has to end, and it only ends when you stand up and take your life back! If you feel you need to wear a mask in public, then wear your mask. If you don’t want to wear your mask while shopping, then politely decline at the front door of said business and go about your way. Don’t give the people at the door a hard time, they are struggling with all of this just like you and I are. I urge all of you to contact your churches, your local businesses and insist they open with the idea of safety in mind. Gather your friends and network together to help visit these places and get them open!

We the citizens are the ones who hold the power to this country. It isn’t the king in his ivory tower yucking it up on CNN. You put that man in power to help represent you. If he fails to do his job, replace him in the next election. Either we the citizens of this great country stand up and take back our rights, freedom, and lives, or we sit at home and watch them be taken away by a bunch of hypocritical political losers that couldn’t hold our jock straps if given the chance.

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