J.K. Rowling Spreads Video Of Trump SNUBBING Boy In Wheelchair, But There’s A MAJOR Problem


The author of the wildly popular Harry Potter series launched into a Twitter tirade against President Trump, but there’s a major issue with the claims she made.

J.K. Rowling hasn’t been shy about criticizing the President. In fact, she’s known to fly off the handle at just about everything he does, so it comes as no surprise that she was wildly critical of Trump over a video purporting to show him snubbing a disabled boy in a wheelchair.

In a series of Friday tweets, Rowling laid into the President while saying her mother used a wheelchair, so the snub was extra offensive to her.

As you can see, she had no issues slamming President Trump over the perceived slight. However, the video she feigned outrage over was actually a carefully edited clip of a longer video, which someone created as fake news to make Trump look bad.

Watching the full clip, the President not only acknowledges the boy, but he spends more time with him than anyone else.

Check it out:

Oddly enough, despite the video Rowling shared being deleted from Twitter and everyone admitting it was fake, she has yet to correct or retract her enraged tweets.

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