BREAKING NEWS About Roy Moore… This Is BIG


Senatorial candidate Roy Moore, a man who has been attacked by the left and the establishment on the right for being a man who stands on his conservative principles, is hoping that a rally being held by President Trump Friday on the Gulf Coast will boost his numbers come election time next week.

Moore has been the subject to some rather vicious attacks and accusations as several women claim they were harassed and assaulted by the judge, but more and more evidence is surfacing that calls the credibility of the accusers into question.


Ben Dupre, one of Moore’s advisers said, “We’re looking forward to President Trump being on the Gulf Coast tomorrow.”

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Fox News is reporting:


Just days before voters go to the polls, Trump is set to headline his own campaign-style rally on Friday evening just 25 miles away from the Alabama state line, in Pensacola, Florida.

Moore’s campaign says the candidate is not scheduled to attend Trump’s Florida event. But campaign staffers are hopeful that Trump’s visit could still give them a boost as their candidate tries to claw his way to victory in the state’s Senate election next week.


Pensacola shares a media market with Mobile, Alabama, and is an easy car drive for Trump-supporting Alabamians – the type of voters the scandal-plagued Moore needs to energize if he hopes to defeat Democrat Doug Jones in the tight race.

Trump officially endorsed Moore several days ago, saying he needs another member of the GOP in Congress to help vote on and pass his agenda, which is the same argument Moore’s backers in Congress are making to those who are still undecided.

Gun rights activist Shanna Chamberlee is backing Moore, saying, “The balance of power in the Senate is very narrow. President Trump needs Roy Moore’s support if the opportunity becomes available to appoint another Supreme Court justice.”

Moore took a slight dip in the polls, but has recovered with an average of 48 percent to Jones’ 45.7 percent.

This apparently has Jones a bit rattled as he’s now attempting to appeal to members of the GOP who aren’t exactly enthused by the prospect of voting for Moore, touting that he too is a “person of faith” and that he “tries to live my [his] faith every day.”

If that’s the case, then why does Jones support the murder of the unborn? Seems like any faith worth something would desire the protection of all life, including children in the womb.

He’s also created an ad saying he’s a gun owner, wants to lower taxes and backs the military.

Definitely sounds like he’s a bit scared, doesn’t it?

It will most definitely be interesting to see how this election plays out, and there’s little doubt the outcome will speak volumes about how people feel about the current state of the media, as the majority of news outlets have worked tirelessly to sabotage Moore’s chances at victory.

If he wins, it’s surely a sign that the big networks are losing influence on the people, something those of us with two functioning brain cells picked up on when Trump one the election, but the left seems to be slow on the draw when it comes to getting the point.



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