BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement About Election, “DON’T TRUST…”

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Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has predicted over the course of the presidential campaign that polls were not to be trusted and were being used to shape public opinion, rather than to measure public opinion.

A week before the election, Limbaugh argued, the polls would begin to more accurately reflect  how the American people actually feel about the candidates. Limbaugh admitted on Monday, however, that he was wrong, that the polls which are still being used to shape public perception are not to be trusted.

“The polls are still being used as weapons and that’s a departure from my previously stated theories and beliefs,” Limbaugh said. “And I finally asked myself, I mean, if we don’t trust the news every day from these people, why would we trust their polls? “

Limbaugh says the constant repetition by media polls that Clinton is winning is “to try to convince you it’s over.”

“The objective is to dampen down Trump support and turnout at the polls,” he said. “So much of this election has not gone the way the Hillary camp projected or wants it to go.”

The fact that Hillary is campaign in supposedly safe blue states, Limbaugh argues, is proof the Clinton campaign may be in trouble.

“Take a look at where Hillary and Trump are today, I mean, why in the world is Hillary going to all of these blue states that she should have locked down?  She’s even going to North Carolina late tonight for a rally, if she can stay up that late,” Limbaugh said. “I mean, it’s North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan. They’re giving Iowa to Trump.  Trump’s up seven in the Des Moines Register there. The early voting has not turned out to be what everybody expected it to be.”

Limbaugh says the extraordinary massive crowd Trump draws at his rallies compared to Clinton should not be ignored.

“You look at the size of these Trump rallies.  In Minnesota, one of the Powerline guys was reporting, he was out driving around yesterday and maybe on the way to church, I forget exactly the specific reason he was out, but he encountered a line of human beings a mile and a half long to get into a Trump rally.  He encountered a parking lot that had never existed before where all of the cars that brought those people to the Trump rally,” he said. “It’s this way everywhere Trump is going.  The crowds are massive.”

“Meanwhile, Joe Biden is drawing 200 people in Pennsylvania.  Tim Kaine drawing 30, 35 people wherever he goes.  Hillary Clinton is drawing 10,000 people but she needs Jay Z and Beyoncé in very little clothing in order to get that 10,000.”

Real Clear Politics’ electoral map based on state poll averages shows Clinton barely edging Trump 272 to 266, but as Limbaugh emphatically points out, the efforts to spin information would continue throughout Tuesday.

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