Rush Limbaugh EXPOSED A Long Time DARK Democrat Secret LIVE On FOX NEWS

As we reported earlier, Rush Limbaugh, who’s been a huge fan of the National Football League for over 40 years, announced to his loyal fan base that the latest antics from these scumbags that either sit, stand with locked arms, raise black power fists or simply hide in their locker rooms like cowards has sent him over the edge, and he’s finally had enough.

Limbaugh is no stranger to the leftist slant in the NFL, as back in 2009, he made an unsuccessful bid to buy the St. Louis rams amid severe pushback from the league due to his conservative politics.


Limbaugh met up with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity and discussed the current situation with the NFL, the liberals and President Trump.

Limbaugh explained that “after 40 years,” he “didn’t watch a single NFL game.” But while he refused to tune in because he didn’t want to watch “social activism” take place in his beloved game, he said he’s not angry about it all.

He said he feels “genuine sadness” that the league is being destroyed by social justice warriors.

The game has been “politicized and corrupted,” he explained. “The people who have politicized it are on the left.”


“When that happens,” he said, “things change. It’s over.”

Limbaugh said “this has been creeping, but took a big leap over the weekend,” when over 200 players staged some sort of protest after being called out for disrespecting the country.

“The national football league, I loved it,” he said. “It was one of my top five hobbies.”

But now, the leading voice of the conservative movement said he’s as done with the NFL as the NFL is with America, and he predicts bad things are on the way for the league.

“The one thing this is not going to do is make the National Football League more popular,” he said.

“You cannot have a business as a large as the National Football League, which is dependent upon public dollars, that allows itself to be used for the promotion of social justice when that social justice is anti-American,” he said.

“It’s not the place for it. It’s not why people spend money on it.”

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YouTube Video courtesy of Fox News

Limbaugh then told Hannity that the establishment in Washington is afraid President Trump will interrupt their system.

Limbaugh said that Trump is reviled in Washington circles as an “outsider” and a political “neophyte” who has interrupted the decades-long status quo.

“They didn’t expect Trump to win… They’re still unhappy that Trump won,” he said.

“The Washington establishment in both parties is a small club – it’s elite,” Limbaugh said.

“Trump would never be admitted in this club no matter what he did… They can’t afford for an outsider neophyte to come in and redo everything, fix things in 3 months… show that it can be done,” he added.

Limbaugh said that some characteristics of Trump’s tax plan are more aligned with Democrats than Republicans, but that overall, it is “pure populism.”

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He said there have been overtones in it of the Democratic Party mantra that “a majority of Americans want the rich punished.”

“That’s the Democratic Party class-envy argument,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh also spoke at length about the power of the media and how it is closely aligned with the goals of the left.

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YouTube Video courtesy of Fox News

Unfortunately for the NFL, Limbaugh wasn’t alone. All across the country, former NFL fans videoed themselves burning their apparel in solidarity with President Trump, which happened as ratings took another four percent dive and fans expressed outrage at the blatant disrespect for our nation coming from the players.

In other words, the NFL is in trouble. Between President Trump urging fans to boycott, and now Rush Limbaugh, who boasts millions of listeners to his syndicated radio show doing the same, it’s all but certain the league is going to see a massive dip in ratings.

As Limbaugh said, when you can no longer tune in to your favorite sport and just watch your favorite sport, there’s a serious problem.


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