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On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said there are three “magic” bullets President Donald Trump needs to focus on for him to be a success.

He also said that the media did not make President Donald Trump and they could not “destroy him.”

Limbaugh said, “They have a formula, they have a blueprint for destroying Republican political officials they don’t like. It’s not going to work on Trump. He doesn’t fit that mold. They’re trying to every day. It’s kind of comical to watch.”


“Trump won the election, on substance. Trump did more interviews. He explained his agenda more than any political presidential candidate ever has in my memory. And he has tried to stick to it.”

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Limbaugh said Trump needs to be “getting to work implementing the repeal of Obamacare, getting to work and really doing tax reform, and getting to work and really shore up our borders. Because that is the primary area where people that voted for Trump felt that we were on the way to losing the country because that is the primary area that people that voted for Trump felt that we were really on the way to losing the country”


“We’ve even lost the definition of immigration,” he said. “‘Immigration’ today, if you listen to the left, equals anybody who wants to come into the country should be allowed. That’s not what immigration is. That’s illegal immigration, and we ought to all oppose it,” he said.

“We are all in favor of immigration that determines who gets in, the quantity of people who get in, whether they assimilate or not. Nobody’s opposed to that. But immigration has been defined now as people flooding the country who are noncitizens. And that’s called ‘immigration,’ according to the culture of the left. And we’re just ruining our opportunity to stay together as a people with a common culture by doing this, and it’s being done on purpose.”


Wallace asked Rush about his use of the term “deep state,” saying “that’s the notion that there’s an Obama shadow government embedded in the bureaucracy that is working against this new president. I think that some folks are gonna think that’s right on and some folks will think it’s awfully conspiratorial.”

“I think it works. It’s the Democrat Party. It’s Hillary. It’s Obama. It’s all those people who just can’t accept that they lost,” Rush said.

Limbaugh claimed the shadow government is in full force pointing out that the reason why is because it can’t win at the ballot box.

“You know they’re down 1,200 seats since 2010? They’ve become a marginal party, electorally. All they’ve got is their embeds in the bureaucracy and the judiciary, and they’re pulling out all the stops. There’s no question. This business that the Russians hacked the election? This is a serious, serious allegation that is impossible. The Russians could not have had any impact whatsoever on voting, either how they were cast or how they were counted.”

“In fact, if you want to say they did, they did their job! Hillary won the popular vote. How could they possibly have had any? This whole premise, and it’s been driving news coverage here ever since Trump took office and even before. You don’t need any more evidence than that to suggest and to know that the left, which is run by Obama and Hillary and the hierarchy in the Democrat Party, is doing everything they can to undermine, to sabotage, and to prevent Trump from implementing his agenda. There’s no question about it.”

Wallace asked Rush to sum up the state of the Trump presidency one month into office.

“It depends who you ask. If you ask the media, they want people to believe that it’s chaotic and falling apart and it’s already over. Trump’s defeated, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and everybody’s running away from it, and we’ve got people in the deep state trying to sabotage Trump in order to save America. I think he’s doing exactly what he said he was gonna do. And, at the bottom line, I don’t think really he’s fazed by any of this. I know Donald Trump. He’s a winner. He’s committed and he has intended all along to do what he thinks is necessary to save the country,” Rush said.

“So perceptions are what they are. Keep an open mind. We’re only one month in, and he’s got three years and 11 months to go, and his supporters have nowhere near gotten to the point where they’re worried or want to abandon him. They hope he hangs in, they hope he just continues to stick it to them, and they want to see this agenda moved.”

Here’s the full interview:



(h/t Joe Kovacs at WND)

God Bless.

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