BREAKING: Russia Just Committed ACT OF WAR Against America- This Is NOT GOOD

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Houston, we have a problem…

Russian air forces bombed what they thought were ISIS fighters in a “bunch of villages” in northern Syria. Unfortunately, U.S. troops and U.S.-backed Syrian Arab Coalition forces were in the area.

The strikes actually hit U.S.-backed forces.

Fortunately, the U.S. troops were several miles away.

The bombing stopped after U.S. officials made “quick calls … to deconfliction channels,” U.S. Lt. Army Gen. Stephen Townsend, commander of Operation Inherent Resolve, the joint operation to stop ISIS in Iraq and Syria said.

“It’s a very complicated battlefield situation,” Townsend said. “Essentially three armies have all converged within same grid square. It’s very difficult and complicated.”

An unspecified number of casualties occurred in the strike, outside the city of al-Bab, he said.

Fox News reports that Russia denied responsibility, saying in a written statement that it had adhered to U.S. guidance on avoiding friendly forces in that area.

The confusion played out on the same day President Trump was delivering his address to a joint session of Congress. In the address, Trump called anew for the eradication of ISIS.

Russia’s escalating involvement in Syria, though, has posed complications — while the U.S. and Russia both are fighting ISIS, Moscow has been at odds with Washington in its support of Bashar Assad. 

Townsend also said ISIS forces hiding among civilian populations remains a problem and that the situation won’t improve until U.S. forces get into the cities and more-populated areas.

Townsend said ISIS still has “freedom of movement” in the Euphrates River valley along the Syrian-Iraq border. 

“We only have the ability to watch and strike when we see something that is definitely visible from the air to be enemy,” he said. “So until we get down there, the enemy can move back and forth across the border in that region at least fairly freely.”

Personally, I’m not all too convinced that Russia is doing this crap on accident.

President Trump needs to put them in their place and I am more than confident that he will.

God Bless.

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