Russia Makes Biden Look Like a Complete Fool


Thanks to our demented president Joe O’Biden’s refusal to produce oil and gas in the name of going green Russian oil revenues have risen by 50% since the beginning of the year.

Basically, O’Biden has funded the Russian’s war against Ukraine.

What a freaking idiot.

Countries like China and many others have no problem buying Russia’s oil.

The green energy fanatics are failing.

Putin’s laughing his Russian a*s off all the way to bank.

Biden is a FOOL

The Epoch Times reported that a new report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) revealed that the Russian Federation had earned about $20 billion each month in 2022. Russian oil producers sold roughly eight million barrels of oil per day.

The GOP Times reports that Russian oil business had the ability to attain this task mainly due to the fact that Western countries were not able to come to an agreement on cutting off Russia’s oil market in reaction to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Russian oil profits have actually increased by 50% since the start of the year regardless of Western countries trying to separate and deteriorate the Russian economy.

While the U.S. sanctioned Russian oil in early March, the European Union (EU) and its member states were not able to reach a consentaneous contract to prohibit the import of Russian oil by member countries. About two-thirds of the oil imported by EU member specifies originates from Russia, so the continued import of this oil, in spite of comprehensive sanctions on other sectors of the Russian economy, continues to offer Russia with an important lifeline.

Last March, economic expert Elana Ribakova recommended there might be a hidden paradox that might emerge must Western countries relocate to sanction Russian oil.

Sanctions FAILURE

Ribakova suggested that, in theory, enforcing sanctions on Russia, which is among the world’s leading exporters of gas and petroleum, would trigger a deficiency of oil-based resources, triggering costs to increase. These increasing costs would in turn present Russia with a chance to gather greater profits through exporting the items to nations not approving the market, hence rendering any approving routine’s efforts detrimental.

In early March Ribakova said,

“10$ on oil price gives Russia about $20 billion of current account inflows per year. With imports collapsing, Russia’s 2022 current account could exceed $200 billion. Despite ~40% of $640 Bank of Russia reserves arrested, Russia could rebuild buffers from the current account surplus.”

The European bloc continues to be the largest consumer of Russian oil. Despite the EU member nations presenting themselves as united in diplomatic and economic opposition to the Russian regime, they account for roughly 43% of all Russian oil exported in April.

Nations like China and India have actually not avoided acquiring Russian fuel considering that the Ukraine intrusion started, and with some EU member states continuing to import Russian oil, Russia will likely make it through any future and present sanction bundles that do not impact its capability to export oil.

So there you have it.

Biden has screwed up the planet.

Good job DIRT BAG.


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God Bless.

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