After Getting FIRED By President Trump- Liberals Give Sally Yates EMBARRASSING Award

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Sally Yates, former acting Attorney General, is being awarded a “participation trophy” for her act of defiance against President Donald Trump and his administration.

She was fired for acting with a case of “black robe fever” and refusing to defend President Trump’s executive order regarding the temporary immigration ban from 7 predominantly Muslim countries until proper vetting could be done. She also directed the Department of Justice to do the same.

Image: Sally Yates Nominated For Public Service Award After Defying Trump

The order in question bans citizens from Syria, Somalia, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Iraq from entering the country for at least 90 days. It also suspends the refugee program for four months, bans Syrian refugees, calls for new immigration screening procedures and directs the secretary of Homeland Security to conduct a 30-day review in an effort to determine which countries fail to provide “adequate information” for its citizens to be issued visas to enter the United States.  President Trump is protecting America from foreign terrorist entry into our borders.

Now the left wants to award her poor decisions and lack of understanding of the legal process with the JFK award.  Yates defended her actions of legislating from the bench stating she did not believe “that the defense of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful.”

Properly handled, Yates would have given legal analysis citing case law and Federal statutes that would support her position, then presented her research to President Trump.  Instead, Yates chose to legislate from the bench, making up the rules according to her feelings. She was nominated by Representative Jackie Speier (D-California) for this meaningless consolation prize for her refusal to do her job and her attempts to obstruct the Trump administration by the Democratic party.

Traditionally, this award “recognizes a public official (or officials) at the federal, state or local level whose actions demonstrate the qualities of politically courageous leadership in the spirit of Profiles in Courage, President Kennedy’s 1957 Pulitzer prize-winning book, which recounts the stories of eight U.S. Senators who risked their careers by embracing unpopular positions for the greater good.”

It’s clear that the Democrats cannot stop President Trump and the Democratic party is eating their own with a vicious frenzy, growing weaker as they do so.  They are showing their true face to the American people and it is UGLY.  It seems all they can do is give each other meaningless “awards” to make themselves feel better about their impotence in the face of an angry America.

h/t – Newsmax

God Bless.

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