San Francisco has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late, and the most recent story to come from the city has Americans justifiably enraged.

Last week, a jury in the city acquitted Jose Garcia Zarate of the murder of American citizen Kate Steinle, who he shot and killed on a San Francisco pier in 2015. The jury’s decision outraged Americans, and eve caused a social media boycott of the city, as we previously reported.


Of course, the verdict came as a result of San Francisco’s far-left political leanings – the same political beliefs that caused Steinle’s murder, thanks to “sanctuary city” policies. Zarate is an illegal alien in the country after five deportations and seven felony convictions, and the only reason he was free to kill Steinle was because San Francisco refused to honor an ICE detainer.

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Despite this, Zarate was treated as the victim of America’s alleged “white supremacist” society, and his egregious crime was all but ignored so that the city could send a message to the rest of the country – it values illegal aliens more than our own people. This message was reinforced over the weekend.


In the wake of the shocking verdict in Zarate’s trial, a makeshift memorial was erected to honor Steinle while vowing to seek justice for her death in one way or another. A nationalist group named Identity Evropa put up the display to highlight how wrong it is for a city, any city, to ignore federal law and place American lives in danger.

“In October 2016, Identity Evropa activists went to Pier 14 – where Kate Steinle was murdered – to protest against sanctuary cities and illegal immigration.


Today, we’re sad to see that her murderer – an illegal with seven felonies and five deportations – was found not guilty.”

Amid the controversy, the leftist media and politicians alike have worked to paint anyone who opposes illegal immigration or who’s upset with setting a murderer free as some sort of “white supremacist” or “white nationalist,” and apparently their efforts have paid off. Over the weekend, the city, at the request of Steinle’s family who fell for the propaganda, removed the memorial on Pier 14, where Steinle was murdered by Zarate, ostensibly to erase any reference to their disastrous sanctuary policies.

From KPIX-5:

A spokeswoman for Mayor Ed Lee confirmed the memorial’s removal on Saturday to the San Francisco Examiner.

An alt-right group had claimed credit for erecting the memorial around a bench built on the pier in Steinle’s memory.

Officials told the Examiner that the memorial violated city policy. San Francisco typically removes memorials within 10 days of the victim’s funeral service. Steinle’s funeral took place in 2015.

A group, called Identity Evropa, decorated the memorial with flowers, candles, and messages that read “Build the wall” and that Steinle’s death “will be avenged” after a jury acquitted an undocumented immigrant of her killing.

The group posted about the memorial through its Twitter account late Thursday night and Friday morning, calling for a boycott of San Francisco and saying the acquittal was “an indictment of not only San Francisco but our country overall.”

Lovely. Now everything these leftists dislike is being labeled as “alt-right” or “white nationalist” – two labels that nobody really wants placed on them – and apparently anyone who doesn’t believe innocent Americans should be gunned down by illegal invaders fits the bill to these lunatics.

Thankfully, it appears as if so-called “sanctuary” policies may be coming to an end soon, as we previously reported. A bill making its way to the floor of the House of Representatives would not only make it illegal for city leaders to harbor illegal aliens, but hold them both criminally and civilly liable if they do so by jailing them up to five years and imposing a million-dollar fine.

Now that’s change we can believe in.

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