BREAKING: Obama Allows Nation’s First SATANIC Ceremony At State Capitol In History… [WATCH]


As our nation watches God and Christianity constantly being assaulted, I find this particular event very disturbing. This is a microcosm of what our nation has became. I was once told that what was once was good, will become bad and what was bad will be looked upon as good. With gatherings such as this and 20 feet tall satanic statues popping up as the 10 commandment monuments are taken down, I believe it.

Honestly I believe this is a prelude to even more sinister plans, it is not as innocent as their making it out to be, the masses are being tricked into acceptance. The very same freedoms guaranteed by our constitution are being used against us to silence those who dares speak against such things. I wanted to pass a short video along with you to show you exactly what I mean, I’m still in disbelief.

On December 19, the Satanic Temple of Detroit held a ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol in Lansing, MI.

This was the nation’s first state-sanctioned satanists ceremony in history.

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I would ask you to take the time to watch the video and please share your thoughts. Now more than ever the good people of America need to rise up together and stand against all who wish to destroy our nation and honestly these people in my eyes harbor no good intentions for any of us.

Unbelievable. Liberals have destroyed our country.

God Bless.

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)


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  1. I’m in a very loud and crowded place and can’t make what she’s saying. Is this for real? :O

  2. ShootsAlongWay says:

    So, I live in Michigan. It was a State event, not a Washington DC event, or a Federal Building event. As much as I absolutely Hate the Muslim in the White House BHO/Barry Soetoro, I don’t see the connection here? My Governor (Snyder) is a Republican. So if this happened while he was Governor, then the shame/blame rests on his shoulders, and Not the Muslim in chief, occupying the White house.

  3. Seeing some of these news stories on AFF like this makes me a lot less likely to believe any of their other stories!

  4. I wouldn’t worry about these people. They are not out to slice off your head or stone your daughters. Not sure what Obama has to do with it though.

  5. Lost souls…very sad…glad they’re not having babies. Disappointed that this happened in my state. Must follow up on this.

  6. Stupid headline.
    Obama has nothing to do with this.
    Last night, someone was parked in front of my house, in my usual parking space.
    I would be just as accurate as this headline if I blamed Obama for taking my parking spot.

    But if you want to blame someone for this Satanic Church meeting, blame James Madison for writing the First Amendment and allowing religious freedom for all.

    You either support the Constitution or you don’t… and that means accepting that Constitutional rights apply to people you don’t like just as the apply to you.
    If you don’t accept that, you don’t understand the Constitution.

  7. Frederick Mullis says:

    If the organization petitioned to hold a gathering on the steps and did everrthing they had to do, the state had no choice but to allow them just as they would have to allow the Panthers or the Klan or the Skin Heads or American Nazi party or ragheads. It was ALLOWED by he state but hardly SANCTIONED by the state. Your play on words makes this sound worse than it truly is. We live in a country that is based on Freedom of Speech. Albeit Even though I disagree with what they say, I will defend to the death their right to say it and ]make total and complete fools of themselves. You do not need to help them by sensationalizing the facts.

  8. if you want to place the blame on anyone’s shoulders…you might want to look in the mirror….The entire reason we on the left wish to continue the separation of church and state…but you on the right insist on cramming ONLY your belief system down everyone’s throat….and the reality is…the government will allow religious exceptions…BUT…you have to allow ALL forms of religious expression….and whether you like it or not…or even believe it….satanism…which I don’t really like or care for….is a protected form of religious expression….so…if you want one religion to be expressed??? you must allow all religions…it’s right there in the constitution….or maybe you don’t really like the constitution or the bill of rights??? All or none….period…

  9. This is the Hope and Change we can believe in !!!

  10. In my State alone, we have Baptist Hospital, Methodist Childrens Home, a Catholic Hospital, a Baptist University, and more I am sure. Tell me what the Atheists have done to improve life? How do you teach your children Morals? I suggest you get your people together and do something meaningful and positive for your community! Until then, I don’t believe in Atheists!

  11. ricknick59 says:

    Well what else would you expect from the spawn of satan! Just helping celebrate his REAL father!

  12. Have any of you actually had a conversation with a real Satanist? They are not evil, just like every other religions. It’s like blaming all white people for the Oklahoma City bombing. They’re just people who are just like you.

  13. This is a good thing. You want ANY religious practices to be allowed. What if only one of the vast number of denominations of religions based on the bible were allowed? What if Catholicism was the ONLY religion anyone can practice. What if it were Southern Baptist? Heaven’s Gate?

    • Furthermore, banning one religion, or labeling this a “Christian Nation” only opens the door for more evil. Some day there could be a version of Christianity where we brought back stoning. Allowing for this prevents that.

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