Religion of Peace.™


Religion of Peace.™

(by F. Peter Brown, WCJ) — The seething hatred of some Muslims for Christians knows no bounds. The strict speech codes imposed in Saudi Arabia on people who dare to dissent from Islam are an outrage. We think campus speech codes imposed by leftists in the US can be strict, but they are nothing compared to the suppression of civil liberties that is occurring  in some Islamic countries.

Saudi authorities were outraged when a young girl courageously said ”Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is a personal Savior.” If she said that in an American public school, there might be few snickers among some of the kids in the classroom (and maybe even a condescending smile from the teacher); but in Saudi Arabia, such statements of faith in Christ are considered to be abominable. Indeed, the young girl was not whipped or imprisoned, like you might expect for someone who expressed faith in Christ in Saudi Arabia. In fact, this simple profession of belief in a loving Savior did not result in one of these terrible punishments, but in something even more savage.

Instead, the Saudi Muslims permanently sewed together the girl’s lips so she  could no longer speak and sewed together one of her eyes. Such an act of barbarism seems fitting for maybe an ancient savage warlord like Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan, but it does not seem like something out of the 21st century. In fact, though, outrageous violence like this continues to be perpetrated against many Christians throughout the world, just for sharing their faith. Doing the opposite of what Christ did when he healed mutes and the blind, these Muslims rendered a woman mute and half blind. However, that level of violence did not satisfy their hatred against this innocent young girl who shared Christ. No, they went still further. When they sewed together the girl’s lips and one of her eyes, they did not use a sterile plastic thread or even just an ordinary one that happened to be lying around. The plastic thread they used contained chemicals for the sole purpose of intentionally making her infected.

This atrocity deserves widespread coverage; but so far, the mainstream media has kept mum. There is extreme sensitivity shown towards Islam in Western Countries, which contrasts with the often brutal persecutions of Christians in the Muslim world.  In fact, the U.K. Red Cross recently banned Christmas in over 400 of its stores for fear that it would offend Muslims. Why do liberals bend over backwards to stridently defend ultra-orthodox Muslims with their misogynistic views toward women, but then support NEA funding for works of “art” like “Piss Christ” that denigrate Christ and the most sacred symbol of Christianity, the cross, by taking a picture of them soaking  in urine?  The world may never know.

It is time for real change and real dialogue about Islam throughout the world. Horrors such as this young girl losing the ability to speak and becoming half blind should not go by without a word. Muslims who abide by the rule of law and common decency deserve tolerance, but tolerance is the last word that should come to mind when Islamist men brutally silence a young Christian girl. Remember, the way toward combating this is not to go out and do the same thing to Muslims. Instead, by courageously speaking out with the love of Christ, we can shine a proper example to those Muslims who suppress their consciences in the name of Allah. By pointing out the dignity of the human person, regardless of who they are and not bowing to the brutal and intolerant Saudis (as Obama famously did in 2009), we can promote a world of peace, liberty, and compassion. These old-fashioned Christian virtues offer a powerful antidote to the tragic violence, intolerance, and hatred characterizing the Islamic world (and, sadly, now too much of our own.)

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