WATCH: Conservative Website Releases “Save The Snowflakes” Video, IMMEDIATELY Goes VIRAL!

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What happens when America shifts back to the Right? America’s precious young snowflakes lose their everloving liberal minds! Folks, when liberals don’t get their way?  It is NO laughing matter!  Delicate college kids and students who have been triggered by the victory of President-Elect Donald Trump will be aided by a new initiative created by the Media Research Center.

A hilariously creative new initiative called – Save the Snowflakes – is an effort by MRC, a conservative media watchdog, to prod, poke, and ridicule the coddled, the weepy, and the generally obnoxious college leftists who demand “safe spaces” in this time of transition. It’s a tongue in cheek poke at the delicate feelings of the left designed to point out the utterly ridiculous.

“For the price of a pumpkin spice latte per week, you can help these snowflakes find solace in their safe spaces, far away from microaggressions and campus triggers like conservative ideas, facts, logic, or any opposing views.

The media may not choose to expose this atrocity, but the Media Research Center, through our Save the Snowflakes initiative, is doing much more – we’re taking action! We won’t rest until we save each and every special snowflake from the horrors of exposure to … things they simply do not agree with.”

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“Will you sacrifice just one iced, grande, sugar-free, no-whip, cinnamon, dolce soy skinny latte a week to help us Save the Snowflakes?”

Since Election Day, supposedly intelligent students at some of the nation’s best colleges and universities have been behaving like tantrum-throwing toddlers earning them the nickname “snowflakes” — an indication as to just how “delicate” they are.

“Our nation’s snowflakes are being cared for by colleges and universities across the country. These schools – no, HEROES – are financially supporting cry-ins, hot chocolate, bubbles, kittens, puppies and ponies, crayons, and Play-Doh to comfort these wounded snowflakes. Some schools even canceled exams and classes to ensure that America’s youth are treated with extra care and understanding during these difficult times.

But clearly, it’s not enough. State budgets cannot be expected to bear this burden alone. It’s going to take a far more sustainable funding source to ensure special snowflakes have the emotional support they need. In response, we here at the Media Research Center have launched the Save the Snowflakes project to respond to this emergency and bring crucial attention to this devastating human crisis.”

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MRC President Brent Bozell explains colleges and universities are simply allowing students to live in a protective bubble shielded from reality where they can ignore the vast majority of America —the right, Conservatives, the farmers, the suburban moms, the simple everyday Americans, Christmas-celebrating Christians, and more. Generally, the same behavior that Americans, in general, loathe in the liberal left and cost Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton the election.

At least two Ivy League institutions allowed and condoned this behavior out of its student body –  Cornell University had a “cry-in” after Trump won and the University of Pennsylvania offered puppies and kittens for students to cuddle.

Bozell states, “With inconsolable college students around the country coming to grips with the election results, the MRC hears their cries loud and clear. Last month it was Trump. This month it’s Christmas. Then Easter, Halloween, the Emmys — the list is endless. We will not sit idly by as students suffer in silence. We stand in solidarity with their tortured souls because no one deserves to suffer through unspeakable tragedy without pony rides and bubbles. 

Apparently, instead of dealing with real life issues and spending their tuition money on things like an actual education (OH, THE HORROR!!) these college and university kids just need more aromatherapy and Starbucks relief!


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