SAY WHAT? School Broadcasts Controversial “Sh*t White People Say” Video… Parents and Students Are NOT Amused (Video)


If Whites did this all hell would break loose…


BEDFORD, Mass. –  A controversial video about White people was shown to students during the morning announcements at Bedford High School and it has parents fuming and demanding answers from the school officials.

A group of students who produce a ‘show’ called BHS Live created a video called “Sh*t White People Say” which basically stereotyped Whites as biased and uncaring to their black peers. Give me a fricking break.

“I’m very offended by what I saw,” parent Bob Marshall told Fox 25. “It was a very disgusting video, very hurtful video.”

Marshall’s daughter first alerted him to the video, telling him that she and other students in her class were offended by the message portrayed.

“A lot of them were upset by what they saw,” Marshall said. “I’m shocked that a video like that could be displayed and that nobody oversaw it.”

YouTube video via DC3Generation

In a letter to parents, the principal of BHS admitted “…there has not been a vetting process of videos for BHS Live. Therefore, the video was not previewed by any administrator, student or teacher surrounding BHS Live. A protocol for vetting student videos is being developed.”

Uh, it’s called supervision. What? You just let these kids make videos and blast them around without even knowing what they’re about? Come on now, that’s absurd! 


Superintendent John Sills told FOX25 that the video was not intended to be a joke, and was made by a senior who is in the broadcast journalism program as a way to spur a conversation on race relations.

“Unfortunately, it was framed in a way that was offensive,” Sills said.

Sills said employees would not face any disciplinary action, but would not say if the student who made the video will be disciplined.

Bob Marshall isn’t satisfied with the district’s response.

“To me, it’s smoke and mirrors to say oh, it was a learning lesson,” Marshall said. “Somebody needs to be held accountable and somebody needs to lose their job over it.”

Hey, I’m all about free speech but what a crappy video. LMAO! What is going on in our schools? What in the hell is going on in our COUNTRY? God help us all…



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