WATCH-Turtle Man Threatens Americans- DO THIS Or Else!





As Dementia Joe and company continue to run around yelling at Americans about how they must be vaccinated for against the china virus, he and his merry band of cronies have also ramped up their campaign to try and “encourage their residents” to get the jab. Mind you, this is a virus with a survival rate of roughly 99% !

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The one thing about all of this get the jab, and get stabbed for science campaigning that bugs me above everything is that these public servants are not accounting for NATURAL IMMUNITY! There is more than enough data now a year later into this scamdemic to show us that those who have been exposed to the china virus are better off than those who are getting the jab.


Now the amazing Republican’s that are absolutely dying for your campaign dollars to “push back against sleepy joe”, are now joining in the control game with the demon rats!

Senate minority scum bag “Cocaine Mitch” recently took to the public sphere to mumble out his orders of obey your government.

Mitch has been apart of the swamp and will always be a swamp creature. The fact he continues to win his district and run unopposed by any real threat is proof that ole turtle neck is just a big as a threat as people like Pelosi. The sooner we come to realize that these scum bags with an “R” next to their name are not our saviors, the better off we will be when we go to the polls.


That is assuming that after everything that happened in the 2020 Presidential elections was kosher and not an ounce of cheating, or dishonesty took place. If you know like I know, that because we still are NOT PERMITTED to talk about this kind of thing on the public squares of social media, that there most certainly was some sort of shady business that went on during the election.

Back to these pathetic threats from our elected public servants. This country was founded on the ideas of things like bodily autonomy, and the individuals right to choose how to live their lives within the confines of nature and natures laws. Those laws are laid out in the bill of rights, and are a direct promise to the government of our country that THEY DID NOT PERMIT US THESE RIGHTS! These rights are SELF EVIDENT throughout nature.

Cocaine Mitch also took to the liberal public square of Twitter to blabber out his useless, unconstitutional threats against the people of this great nation, and his state of Kentucky.


Turtle man just can’t help himself from making empty threats over and over again. In fact, I’m old enough to remember his infamous rant to rally money from the gop base promising to “Repeal Obamacare root and branch.” Yes brothers and sisters, Mitch needs to be repealed root and branch from all forms of government. I wouldn’t even mind seeing him go to jail for his dealings with his wife with the Communist leaders of China.


Oh, You haven’t heard about his dealings in China? Well, I will let you all go search for those articles so that you can see for yourself how this scum bag is worse than a RINO. This guy should probably be named Biden with all of his corruption he’s involved in.



At the end of all of these clown like virtue signaling events, one thing remains true, the lockdowns of 2020 were deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL in NUMEROUS states by judges. The powers that be seem to not care however about what is allowed and what isn’t. They are simply just trying to be more like their false idols in China.



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