Scalise Shooting- GOP Congressman Upgraded From ‘Critical’ To ‘Serious’ Condition

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We have some fantastic news to report on the Republican congressman, Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise the House majority whip, who was one of five people shot when a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporting extremist opened fire Wednesday as the Republican team practiced in Alexandria, Virginia.

Scalise’s condition has been upgraded from “critical” to “serious” today and is continuing to show signs of improvement, according to hospital officials.


Mr. Scalise has required surgery several times since the shooting.

Medstar Washington Hospital Center released the update on behalf of the Scalise family. The congressman underwent another surgery Saturday, and the hospital said he was more responsive and speaking with family, Fox News reported.

Scalise’s trauma surgeon said Friday he can hope to make an “excellent recovery,” even though the lawmaker arrived at the hospital Wednesday at imminent risk of death. Dr. Jack Sava of MedStar Washington Hospital Center said it’s a “good possibility” that the Louisiana Republican will be able to return to work in his full capacity.

Sava declined to put a timeline on when that would happen or when Scalise, 51, would be able to leave the hospital. The doctor described how a bullet from an assault rifle entered Scalise’s hip and traversed his pelvis, shattering blood vessels, bones and internal organs along the way.

Sava said Friday that there are hundreds of bullet fragments in Scalise’s body, but “we have no intention to try and remove all the bullet fragments at this point.”

Nonetheless, said Sava, “we fully expect him to be able to walk” and “hopefully run.”

Sava said that after being released from the hospital, Scalise “will require a period of healing and rehabilitation.”

“I feel a lot more confident and a lot more optimistic than I did two, three days ago,” Sava said. “I think that his risk of death right now is substantially lower than when he came in … he was as critical as you can be when he came in.”


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Scalise family and with the two Capitol Police officers, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, House GOP aide Zack Barth and lobbyist Matt Mika.

God Bless.

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