BREAKING: Supreme Court Issues HUGE Ruling On Mask Mandate For School Children!


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Friday made a ruling to remove a mask mandate for school children that was put into place by the Tom Wolf administration.

I live in Pennsylvania, and I can tell you that Wolf is a tyrant. His administration has done things that are against the law, violating the US Constitution during the 2020 election is just one example. He writes executive orders based on no authority when he can’t get what he wants through the normal democratic process. He has put party first over Pennsylvania residents.

In June, the state legislature voted 31-19 in the Senate and 121-81 in the House to remove his emergency powers for COVID. But tyrants never voluntarily give up their power.

Wolf is a sleazy politician and the people can’t wait for him to go. As of June, Wolf’s approval rating was at 39 percent among registered voters, down 52 percent from the same time a year prior.

According to ABC News Channel 6, the state Supreme Court ruled against the mask mandate, claiming it was not valid because it was imposed by Governor Wolf’s acting health secretary without any legal authority. That’s the Wolf administration way.

“The practical impact of the decision will depend on which schools and school districts impose their own masking requirements,” ABC 6 wrote.

The state’s high court upheld a lower court’s ruling that Alison Beam, the state’s acting health secretary, did not have the authority to issue a requirement for masks, didn’t follow state legislation regarding establishing regulations, and acted without a “required” existing disaster emergency declared by the governor in place.

The decision from the lower court noted that Pennsylvania’s disease control law does not provide health secretaries “the blanket authority to create new rules and regulations out of whole cloth, provided they are related in some way to the control of disease or can otherwise be characterized as disease control measures.”

“The lawsuit was filed by Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, R-Centre; state Rep. Jesse Topper, R-Bedford; two religious schools; three public school districts; and several parents of schoolchildren,” ABC 6 reported.

The lawsuit argued that Beam’s actions did not allow the public to voice their opinion on the action, that it violated state law, and that it left the General Assembly unable to review the policy in its entirety.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, another sleazy politician who unintentionally warned us that they were allegedly going to cheat in the 2020 election by tweeting out that it will look like Donald Trump won the election on Election Day but he was confident that once all the votes were counted Joe Biden would be the winner. That told every Republican that they were going to use massive numbers of fake mail-in ballots and other irregularities that we did find, but the media ignored. If you are from Pennsylvania, you know the Democrats cheat in every election. It’s what they do.

Shapiro’s office represented Beam and said that they don’t believe there is anything that prevents schools or school districts from establishing their own mask mandates. Spoken just like a Democrat. The issue is not that there is nothing in the law that says schools and school districts cannot impose their own mask mandates. The issue is there is nothing in the law that says that they can. Democrats always take the stance of encroaching on freedoms to gain their own power.

It is incredible that we are even talking about mask mandates for school children. Study after study after study shows that masks do not stop the spread of COVID, they cause psychological problems for the children, and kids are the least likely to catch COVID and dies from it.

The governor last month said that he intended to re-tune the mask requirement authority over to schools in January 2022. Masks would still be required though in child care centers and early learning programs, the youngest children who have a zero chance of catching and dying from COVID.

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