Liberal School Demands Mom Sign ANTI ‘Pledge Of Allegiance Form’, She Does THIS Instead…


Thanks to Obama and every liberal scumbag anything to do with America is offensive to their beloved, oppressed, discriminated against pieces of sh*t and our American Flag as well as the Pledge of Allegiance is under full attack.

Case in point. A school sent their students home with a disgusting permission slip which obviously caters to Muslims, Atheists and all the other America and GOD hating liberal trash that asked parents to sign if they wanted their kid to be exempt from reciting Pledge of Allegiance…

Yeah, seriously.


The photo of the slip has emerged on social media and we have a shot of one PATRIOT’S response and let’s just say, she is not a happy camper.

Here is the pic from the Facebook page called “I Support The Police, Not Criminals”:


This is absolutely disgusting.



If someone doesn’t want to pledge allegiance to our country then they need to get the fu*k out of our country.
This is all about Obama who is a racist, cop hating, America hating Muslim pile of garbage.
Never before have we seen such anti American sentiment but what do you expect from filthy, demented liberals.
They are evil and we need to take our country back NOW! DO YOU AGREE? Let us know in the comments!

God Bless.

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