School Goes Full LOCKDOWN Because WHITE Student Brought THIS “Threatening” Object On Campus…


A High School in Georgia went on lock down when a SERIOUS THREAT to the safety of everyone on campus occurred- a student brought a Confederate flag onto campus…

Are you fricking kidding me? They went on lock down for a FLAG? Now, if it were an ISIS flag then it would make sense but for the Confederate flag? Give me a break already.

Fox 5 is reporting than several (WHITE) students were suspended from Rockmart High School in Polk County, Georgia, as a result of a ‘disruption’ occurred when a white 10th grader arrived to school with the flag attached to his backpack.


Apparently a few blacks had a problem with it and in the usual fashion ganged up on the white kid and started with their newly found entitled way, thanks to Obama, of forcing their sad story of slavery and picking cotton via physically assaulting the young patriot.

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“He got dropped off out of his truck and came down the sidewalk just like any other student does,” said Principal Wesley Cupp.


He said the sophomore, who is white, then walked through the cafeteria before school started onto the courtyard with the Confederate battle flag strapped to his backpack. That’s where he was confronted by two African-American (BLACK) students.

“They wanted to confront him about what he had on his back pack. What did they say? Hey man why you doing that,” said Cupp.


Principal Cupp also said shoving and exchange of words among the students was minimal because staff broke it up within minutes. He said no weapons were found. But later in the morning, the school was put through a lock down drill with students kept in class after rumors of other students bringing Confederate battle flags surfaced.

The suspension clearly is a violation of this student’s 1st Amendment rights. But the liberal courts have ruled that students don’t have a constitutional right to display the Confederate flag at school under the incitement exception to the First Amendment, which excludes protection for speech or symbols “intended to and likely to incite imminent illegal conduct.”

And how exactly does this incite illegal conduct? It is quite clear that the only people that had a problem with the flag are the ones that are inciting illegal conduct. It is illegal to physically attack someone. It is NOT illegal to display one of our battle flags.

Look, we have Black Lives Matter thugs threatening whites and cops. Now, THAT is a serious threat. But a flag is NOT a threat. Obama and his filthy liberals have destroyed our country with this garbage. At this point we have no choice but to TAKE IT BACK BY FORCE. Enough of this racist nonsense…



(H/T IJReview)


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